Facebook: Down for the count


So while strolling through Newsweek I noticed something interesting – there is a movie about Facebook and its creators hitting theaters October 1st. I questioned the success like I’m sure you are now, but it sounds like a great movie. It seems they paint you this picture of the creator rarely seen; they show him in an almost autistic capacity. It also showcases that he stole the entire idea for facebook from three Harvard students. It’s a very revealing script to read, and it is all based on well known facts/truths about the Facebook giant that it has become. Here is a quote from Newsweek author Daniel Lyons on the movie.

“Sorkin’s up-tempo script adds color to what are widely known moments—true, rumored, or somewhere in between—in the Facebook legend. The first is Zuckerberg’s creation of Facemash, a Facebook forerunner that let Harvard students rank each other’s looks, after he is dumped by a girlfriend; the then sophomore compares Harvard girls to barnyard animals during an drunken all-night coding session. Another scene depicts Zuckerberg and Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin hooking up with groupies at a Cambridge bar:”

Facebook apparently thought it could get no worse in terms of media attention, but they were dead wrong. More people will tune into that than just the techies. Facebook’s an everyday thing and people will watch and I’m sure some will delete facebook from their phone; probably after they update their status. As it is the current trend by top level people in every major company to ditch facebook. Facebook will learn one way or another, but the question is: is it to late to be saved? The answer is no, but Facebook will never recover from the massive blows it is being dealt. Myspace had far less privacy issues; they just had over functionality, and we all know what became of Myspace.

This movie deserves the attention I’m sure it will gather in the coming months as facebook continues to fail in all aspects of privacy. No doubt Facebook has already heard of this and they are prepping now to brace for it. Facebook thinks they can sell users photos and information all the while making security changes and re-setting your security settings to the default, and get away with it. Needless to say Facebook is dying, and leaves us to wonder what will take its place.

Quote Source: Daniel Lyons, Newsweek.com, Original Quote here

UPDATE: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37238500/

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