Facebook: Privacy or lack thereof


Facebook, What security?

Facebook has been slowly providing your information to anyone and everyone without even telling you or providing an easy method to stop it. Users have been seeing their control over their information decline although it’s not nearly as bad as twitter being indexed by Google and the Library of Congress. It is however becoming a growing concern. Will facebook side with the user or the ad company’s who pay large sums to acquire your private information? You can already see who they’re siding with and its not you. I personally have had a facebook, like 500 million of you, but I removed it long ago and the fault lies with Facebook. I simply respect my information to much as well as myself (as photos are also open to the taking). I’d prefer to be able to walk into a job interview without my potential employer knowing what I look like wasted.

The simple solution to this is to drop your facebook and move on. Facebook will realize that they are making the wrong choice once their viewership and members decline. Why should you have to plow through pages of privacy settings to ensure all of your private information is actually private? If you can’t answer that yourself then you deserve to have your information distributed globally. Facebook is the biggest thing since sliced bread but their shooting themselves in the foot by selling out their loyal users.

Author: James

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