Is Bristol Palin worth 30,000 a night?


The daughter of all imbeciles got a speaking deal today and you guessed it, it’s about teen pregnancy. Of course we all think Bristol is the key role model for those teens who are getting preggo! I wouldn’t want this person telling my kid or anyones kids what to do about pregnancy and raising a kid ( I however am responsible and always wear a condom so I don’t have any), when she was raised by a person who clearly had no idea. This will follow her mothers conservative agenda against abortion. So all of the teens out there who can’t afford to raise a child both mentally or financially will be lured into keeping their child.

Bristol will get 15,000 to 30,000 dollars per speech solely on teen pregnancy. She is also going to be starring on ABC’s show the secret life of an American teenager, again you guessed it to play a preggo teen. I hate to remind everyone that she has a child at home to raise but mommy is to busy doing deals just like Sarah who has a mentally handicapped child at home to attend to (she’s not there either). Apparently Bristol’s advice only extends for 9 months. I can’t wait to see how she deflects questions on abortion. Abortions are sometimes the best choice for any woman or they are the only choice. Either way she will be talking to teens and parents trying to convert them over to pro-life because she’s a grade A expert on why you should keep your baby. After all if she didn’t have the kid she would be earning absolutely nothing so she’s using her baby to gain unearned success.

Author: James

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  • Poppy

    The only thing that pathetic family is worthy of is a group rate for lobotomys.

    • Owner

      Hilarious. Anyone wanna hook the Palin's up with a lobotomy special?

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  • tedc

    like mother like daughter. once a trash always a trash.

  • Daghn

    The author of this article is in love with the phrase “of course” so much that I couldn’t finish it. Can some on translate please?

    • JMav

      I have reviewed said article, and I do apologize for my earlier rebuttal, I have since edited it to replace several of the words.

  • Mill Henderson

    Having unprotected sex with Levi turned out to be an excellent career move for her.

  • Really?

    For some reason I don’t see why Bristol should get rewarded for not being smart enough to use a condom.

    • JMav

      I strongly agree with you on that.