KFC’s Bucket of Cancer


I saw an ad for KFC stating that if you purchased their chicken bucket then they would donate a mere 50 cents to the Susan G Komen Foundation. There has been an explosion of funding as well as anything that can be colored pink to convince you it’s going to a worth cause over the last decade yet there have been no results. This organization makes billions of dollars a year dedicated to finding a cure to cancers yet its 2010 and still no cure and I’m sure the greasy dollars that KFC will be donating aren’t going to help either.

I wonder if they don’t want to find a cure or already have one and do not want to release it and why would they? They make billions of dollars that fund everything as well as promoting their organizations that get people to buy everything from stickers, cars, phones and chicken so why release it knowing they would lose all that funding? I think the people that run this are running the biggest scam ever! They get billions to produce nothing yet if they produce the one thing they are meant to do they will lose everything except the recognition. It’s just something for all of you to think about as I cannot donate to something that has not produced anything but pink items with the best technology the world has to offer. I would however buy a pink bucket of chicken though so I guess I can deduct that from my taxes.

Author: James

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