Land of the not so free


Land of the Repressed

Have any of you noticed recently the progressing trend into a “police state”. Americans in general are blinded by the saying “land of the free” but I hate to tell you that we’re not. When you bring this issue up to most they disagree and cite the Constitution and yes that allows us to do certain things but all things on that old piece of paper are now heavily limited.

Take for example free speech as most people say “well I can say what I want its a free country.” Sorry to burst that bubble but if you direct your speech at me I can sue you for taking the wrong tone with me. Same thing goes with pretty much everything else on there. For every amendment there is at least 10 laws in every state limit how it can be interpreted. I don’t think the Founding Fathers took all the time to write that and then have it construed so many different ways.

America and Americans brag to anyone that will listen that we are better than you and your nation. That was true 50 years ago, now were a third world democracy with limited freedoms and police cleaning up like martial law is in place. If we’re so great then why have we slipped from number one on everything except the amount of debt we owe to others? If we’re the best democracy in the world why do we allow our government and police to detain its citizens without warrant? It’s time to wake up and vote some new people in and they’re not Republican.

Author: James

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