Sarah Palin(Again)


So Palin is yet again on another insanity tour throughout the states with the lowest IQ. Not surprisingly she stopped in Arizona to rant and rave about things she doesn’t understand. My case and point is her saying that President Obama is responsible for the Arizona Immigration Law. Seriously what the fuck did she smoke before she spewed that out? She went on to say that All Americans need to stand up and say Mr. President do your job and secure the border. I don’t know where she was for the 8 years of the Bush administration, but considering she didn’t even know any of his policy’s; I understand that she missed the fact that he didn’t secure the border either! I’m not sure what Governor Jan Brewer is trying to do; if its drive her political career into the ground then high five to her. It’s nice to see a Governor continue to do the job she was elected to do, but why associate with a woman who is not taken seriously by the American population.

She also went on to a group of women about how they need to only vote for officials who are “unwaveringly against abortion”. Who is she to tell anyone what to do? Clearly she can not parent responsibly, so should we let her make choices regarding childbirth? She went on to say that the conservative feminists unite or some garbage like that; I could not read on anymore. I really am disgusted by this woman on an enormous level, there really is no common sense there.

If she runs for POTUS I hope she gets crushed so badly and put under such a spotlight she retreats back to Alaska never to be heard from again. I really don’t know how she could be a choice for any party considering her experience is zip. She couldn’t even complete her term as Governor; Governor people, she couldn’t handle that, yet people still think she’s the best for President???? Her 15 minutes are long up.

Author: James

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