Thanks but no thanks we’ll keep our Nukes!


Israel the middle eastern bad ass has backed out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty today calling it “hypocritical and deeply flawed”. Israel is correct, and they know it because no one is making a hard push to bring them back to the tables. Israel pointed out the fact that Iran and Iraq had both signed the treaty and violated it, and that it is not enforced. Israel does not want to waste anymore time on things that clearly don’t matter.

Israel’s nuclear program and the existence of its nuclear weapons are a very closely guarded secret, however it is believed that they are armed with a vast array. The treaty would have forced Israel to dismantle its entire arsenal, quite hypocritical of the U.S.; Israels closest ally whom is also full of nuclear weapons.

Israel is furious over Iran’s statements threatening to wipe Israel from the map; and the fact that Iran was not even mentioned in the NPT. Israel’s nuclear arsenal is key to its deterrence and its foreign policy and I believe that it is the only country that actually has a reason to threaten the use of the weapons. Just more political dog and pony show’s to make country’s look good while really doing nothing more than signing a piece of paper whose value is nothing.

Author: James

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