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So Tila Tequila or whatever she calls herself now has a blog on WordPress. Of course those of you who bother to follow her on twitter have noticed or should have seen that this blog of hers was due out 1 month ago yet she is trying to brain wash the brainless into thinking it was all May 3rd. I cant stand this “woman” she makes jokes of rape, domestic violence, pregnancy and miscarriages and that of her ever changing sexuality, nationality and baby’s daddy. Her so called gossip blog is not gossip its hate and all the celebrity’s she bashes are people who supposedly made a bad reference about her, so she’s firing back with no sources. I also noticed that she steals pictures from well known sources and only gives photo credit not actually paying for them.

I also checked her previous name the tilatequilaomg one and she said it was hosted by the same server as MSN and NYTimes, however MSN hosts their own, mind you its Microsoft lol and NYtimes uses Rackspace. Tila’s is hosted by GoDaddy and now apparently hosted or sub-hosted by WordPress.

This is all I’m going to post about this Z List Celeb( I lied, I post one more ), she does not deserve the credit, and there are plenty of blogs outing her on all her lies that you can check out. I just feel the more negative press she receives the faster she will go away.

Oh and one last thing, look at my posts, I created this blog on Saturday May 8th and already have 12 lengthy posts. Tila Tequila said it was such hard work and she had a huge team working on it yet it took over a month to materialize.  I did this by myself in one day. Tila was just lying again its a blog not ebay.

Link to my final Tila Post

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