U.S. to Mexico: We Don’t Want Your People


The United States today in an effort to shut Republicans up has decided to send 1200 Army National Guard troops to the border and ask for 500 million dollars to support law enforcement and the like. This is after both the highly controversial Arizona immigration bill and the death of a rancher believed to be killed by illegal Mexican drug smugglers. The border with Mexico has been patrolled and reinforced with National Guardsman before; from 2006 to 2008.  The guardsman will not be directly involved with captures but they will be tasked with supporting law enforcement as well as reporting known locations of illegals and smugglers, as well as fence and barrier building. The troops will also be there as a show of force and deterrent to anyone wanting to try and enter without proper identification.

The Republicans, especially John McCain have been pressuring Democrats and especially President Obama to crack down on border protection and amp up forces on the border to help stem the flow of illegals and the drug trade. The violence from illegals is Arizona’s justification for the new immigration law which gives law enforcement the right to stop anyone suspected of being an illegal.

Author: James

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