Kim Jong-il: Secret $4 Billion Kingpin


Kim with his Family

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il preaches mass propaganda denouncing the west to his people , its politics and the western world in general. Kim I’m sure does not mention his affection for Lincoln automobiles or American movies in these speeches and certainly fails to discuss his personal wealth estimated at over $4 billion. For a man who hates the western civilized world; he sure does love a lot of the amenities that come directly from it especially the United States.

Kim has a love for western cars and his collection is vast, just like his collection of 20,000 movies from all over the world (twice as many movies than an average Blockbuster store). Now Kim does not watch these films tucked away in some typical North Korean shack; oh no. He watches these movies and parks his cars in a very American-style luxury home.

In a country where masses are starving; especially during the winter months, Kim eats lavishly. Kim has a healthy appetite for gourmet pizza, minus anchovies of course, and it cannot be too salty. He also eats the customary rice, but it must be uniform in size and shape. Kim enjoys his fish as well but it must be sashimi and it must be carved while alive. Now of course a man who eats needs a drink. Kim’s wine cellar is no exception, and he has reportedly over 10,000 bottles to wash down his pizza.

Now with all of that grand eating Kim, like many, would become overweight. The leader knows this and of course goes to the extreme by having a sole institute in Pyongyang dedicated to his health. This lavish facility has the best doctors money can buy from around the world constantly assessing the health of the North Korean leader and his food intake. According to Seok Young Hwan; a physician who worked directly with Kim, over 200 professionals alone focus on Kim’s diet. All of this for a man who leads the world’s most impoverished country. But the question remains – in an impoverished country where does all of Kim’s wealth originate?

According to South Korean intelligence Kim can best be summed up as a hard-drinking playboy smitten with race cars and beautiful blonds. The juicy tidbits that filtered out read like a novel: that he was the world’s No. 1 customer for Hennessy cognac reportedly spending over $600,000 a year in the 1990s to fill his glass, that he and his cronies partied with female “pleasure teams,” that he was too incoherent to rule for long.

Kim is literally bleeding the wealth out of his citizens; and stuffing it all in his pockets but that isn’t how he’s amassed billions in personal wealth tucked away in foreign banks. His wealth is on the rise, and so is his collection of cars, homes, chefs, alcohol and anything that you would see on Rodeo Drive. The people continue to stand by and starve while giving everything to their leader who needs nothing. Kim preaches to the world and the United Nations cold war rhetoric yet he himself lives the life better than the President of the United States.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering; how does a leader in a country with no economy afford all of this? Well Kim and his family are the biggest drug dealers in all of Asia. They use their private jets and other UN protected cars and the like to import the drugs without being caught. Drug sales certainly do not account for all of his money, so what else is Kim doing? Kim is also one of the biggest arms dealers in all of Asia, reaping the sales of illegal firearms. His eldest son was detained in Japan for supposedly wanting to see Disney Land, however it has been widely suspected that he was there to negotiate a large drug deal. Beyond drugs and firearms the Kim family is also highly involved in illegal counterfeiting, gambling and the export of fake Viagra and reindeer antler (an Asian aphrodisiac).  The man cannot live an honest life in-front of his people and the world and he certainly cannot make an honest buck.


counterfeiting, drug dealing, and the export of fake Viagra and reindeer antler (an Asian aphrodisiac).

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