Argentina ready to approve gay marriage


2 Men Legally Married in Argentina

Argentina becomes the first country in South America to legalize gay marriage: Source HERE

Argentina’s house has already voted and approved the issue of gay marriage and has now sent the bill to the senate. The bill does not stop at marriage however, it also includes the right to adopt children. Thousands of people gathered outside the senate to protest in opposition of the bill, on the order of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was urging people at Sunday mass to go protest in-front of congress. A man who was quoted by the BBC said this “”I came to defend marriage between man and woman, because I think any attempt against this is an attempt against natural law.” said Angeles Navarro, one of the protesters.

The protesters are using the slogan “kids have a right to both a mother and a father”, however pro gay marriage protesters counter with “gay’s exist, let us live”.

The city of Buenos Aires already allows civil unions for gay couples, as do other provinces, however there is no national level of regulation. Buenos Aires is widely considered to be the most gay friendly place in Latin America, as they were the first city to legalize gay marriage. The President of Argentina has said that she will not veto the measure if it comes across her desk.

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