Venezuela sending troops to Colombian border


President of Venezuela and full-time crazy man Hugo Chavez has sent troops to the Columbian following accusations that “they are capable of anything”. The Colombian government has said that the accusations are deceptive and that Bogota has never considered an attack. Columbia has chosen not to send troops to the border to face down Venezuelan troops.

According to Chavez everything from regular grunts to special forces are now manning the border. Colombian government spokesman Cesar Velasquez said claims that Bogota was planning to attack its “brother nation” were an attempt by President Chavez to deceive his people. “Colombia has gone through the proper international channels and will continue to insist on the application of international law to ensure Venezuela complies with its obligation not to harbor Colombian terrorists,” he continued. Venezuela has severed all ties with Colombia as of last week over a heated meeting at the Organization of American States.

The Colombian ambassador presented videos, photos and maps, which he said proved that 1,500 members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) and National Liberation Army (ELN) were operating inside Venezuela. Upon these being shown to Hugo Chavez all ties were immediately cut.

The Union of South American Nations failed to resolve the problems between the two nations at a recent crisis meeting. The group agreed to holding another meeting “at the highest level” as soon as possible to try and resolve things peacefully. As of now Venezuela is still flexing its small muscles.

Quotes obtained from the BBC

Image Via Reuters

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