Chinese Missile Poses Threat To U.S. Carriers


China has been working quite extensively on a missile that could shift the power balance in the Pacific Ocean. China’s Dong Feng 21-D is dubbed a “carrier killer” and it appears to be just that. It is an anti-ship missile that does 10 times the speed of sound carrying conventional payloads and can infiltrate even the best defenses of the U.S. carrier fleet. If it seems like doomsday is upon us then think again. Reports say that China does not even have the technology to accurately pinpoint and sink a carrier however they’re working on it.

The fear is that once China has this weapon it will seriously infringe upon the United States and its muscle in the region. The missile which is launched from land has a range of 900 miles and has the potential to block us from China’s 11,200 mile long coast line. This missile essentially makes the entire U.S. Navy useless against the Chinese if they can get the technology to find our battle group and hit a moving target. The Chinese have been pouring money into their piss poor Navy so much that the budget has increased by double digits every year for the last two decades. It certainly might not be to long until they have the missile at full capability.

While all the experts are saying this is a “huge threat” and that the U.S. should cower behind a rock; it is all just hype. The United States has the biggest economy in the World and while China is a super power they are 50 years from having the same economy as us. The United States also has the most technologically advanced and strongest Naval force the World has ever seen. The United States does not need any more of a reputation and China does. The Chinese may have a “carrier killer” but I guarantee you that the United States is working on a defense that the Chinese have no clue about. Our Navy is adding laser beam defenses to it’s ships along with some of the most accurate anti-ballistic devices you have never seen. The key is you don’t know what most of our ships have on them and neither do the Chinese but we know what they have.

There are plenty of reasons why the United States hates it when WikiLeaks releases classified information and one is because it gives the enemy information they never had before. The Chinese are solely out to build their Navy a reputation along with the rest of their military. I will also say that most of the Chinese military technology comes from the United States and that we don’t give out the goodies without having something to destroy it with. So before you start building your bomb shelter for the Chinese invasion keep in mind that while we may be in a recession our military remains the best fighting force in the World.

Side Note: I think this opinion sums up the power of our military compared to that of China’s.


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