Elvis Run’s For Governor


Elvis Presley is making his attempt to become Governor of Arkansas and sadly it’s not the king. This Elvis; Elvis D. Presley from Star City Arkansas has filed papers with the State Department and is now filling out his papers within each of Arkansas 75 counties. In the paperwork he filed with the State Department one of the reasons he is running is” to supply the people with a broader array of employment and newer chain of state government”. His platform has not been announced as of yet and he does not even have a website for his campaign.

In his spare time instead of studying politics or getting an education in politics the man is an Elvis impersonator believe it or not. How his name came to be Elvis Presley remains a mystery as he has declined to comment on the issue. “People will find out I’m for real,” Presley told the Arkansas News Bureau. “I hope to debate the governor on TV.” The current governor of Arkansas is Democrat Mike Beebe who is looking to get re-elected this November.

While the “king” has the most prolific name he faces several other well known candidates including Republican Jim Keet and Green Party nominee Jim Lendall along with a few more write-ins. I feel his campaign song should be Blue Suede Shoes and he should do the commercials dressed as the king himself; at least then he stands a chance at getting more than 100 votes.

Confirmation can be found HERE

Author: James

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  • http://Website Melanie Marshall

    May be will get more than a 100 votes,,one thing is for sure,,He can do no more damage then the leaders we have in state or federal gov't.

    Lets hope he can GET ALL SHOOK UP.