It Has Been A Busy Weekend So Far


While looking for a post to do today I was overloaded with the abundance of stores posted on a weekend. Everything from Obama and his support for a mosque to a marriage shoot out in New York. The weekend has been an explosion of sorts for all things news. I figured since there was so much to talk about I would just lightly touch on some subjects that caught my eye.

Obama finally announced his support for the mosque in NYC after dodging it for weeks. He should have continued to dodge it as he is now drawing a lot more criticism than is needed in an election year. It is becoming apparent to me that Obama has his own political agenda over that of the Democratic party as he is single-handedly killing his party. The mosque debate was political suicide to begin with and he avoided controversy by just skipping the subject; so much for that.

In Buffalo New York last night a shootout left 4 people dead including the groom to be. The shooting started around 2:30 at night outside of The City Grill restaurant. There was reportedly a fight that broke out inside the establishment before shooting started. Police have not yet confirmed the names of the deceased but witnesses told the media that the groom is one of the dead. More HERE

Google continues to deny that it’s involved with Verizon in a deal that could end net neutrality. The denial comes after waves of online companies like Amazon and Facebook came out against the possibility of an end to internet neutrality. Google whose policy is to maintain an open internet is trying to defend itself and as of August 9th it signed a deal with Verizon that would prohibit wire-line operators from discriminating against any applications, content and other traffic on the open Internet. The end of neutrality on the internet would mean if you want your content published right away you’d have to pay for it. Sadly of all places I got this from Google News.

Finally in a dive away from politics it appears Tila Tequila got a reality slap in the form of a brick last night. While performing at The Gathering of Juggalos an outdoor concert featuring all sorts of musical guests, she was pelted with a variety of things including human waste, a brick allegedly hit her in the face and split her from eyebrow to hairline. So far only people at the event have tweeted about it while Tila remains silent but the word is she was rushed out of the area in need of medical attention.

*UPDATE* TMZ confirmation here and on another note she did not break this news on her “celebrity gossip” blog; she went right to TMZ. If that does not show how desperate she is for money and attention I don’t know what does.

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