Palin “I Raised A Combat Vet”


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Thanks to a diligent reader we now can confirm that Sarah Palin didn’t raise a combat vet. According to Track Palin’s own DD214 he never received a Combat Infantryman’s Badge or any badge earned for service in combat. So she effectively raised a Guardsman who sat in the rear with his gear.

Sarah Palin yet again ceases to surprise me when it comes to riding on the success of others. This time while at Glen Beck’s “Restoring the Honor” gathering in Washington D.C. she decided to use her son’s bravery to cover over her lack of political experience. Sarah Palin the woman who has never hunted but lied about it, quit her job as Governor, engages in media brawls with Levi Johnston and can’t name political policies has raised a combat vet. Yes ladies and gentleman that is her only accomplishment in life.

While at the rally Palin said “say whatcha want about me but I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me”. She also said “I am not here to speak as a politician but as a mother of a soldier” although I don’t know how she could speak as a politician because she quit that long ago. Her son Track Palin is a member of the Alaska National Guard and deployed with the 25th Infantry Division 1st Stryker Brigade to Iraq in 2008.

What irritates me is that Sarah is acting like she accomplished something monumental by raising a child who decided to join the Guard. Saying “I raised a combat vet” is like saying “I raised a cancer survivor” it has nothing to do with you however you try to take credit for it. I’m not sure how her saying that gets her any standing with the “tea party” that is filled with old conservative soldiers who actually fought for this country. I didn’t think I could be more disgusted with her but yet again I was wrong; who is she to try and gain an edge by riding off her son’s coattails. Is she really that desperate?

So Sarah Palin raised a weekend warrior who deployed to Iraq, a daughter who has unprotected sex and I won’t even touch on the exploitation of her mentally handicapped child. She, in my opinion, abuses the status of being a mother to try and further advance her lackluster political career and it is disgusting to watch. I successfully raised a house cat and taught it to poop in a box but you don’t see me bragging about it. It does go to show you that the Tea Party is full of people who can’t think for themselves and follow the words of the even more ignorant like sheep. This convention that Beck put on was supposedly to “restore America’s honor” but the only way that is possible is if the Tea Party falls on its sword.


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  • Jason

    More lies from Palin! She wasn't lying though when she said that she's a pitbull with lipstick (via her now infamous quote) – that pretty much sums up her IQ.

  • Owner

    @Robert, Thank you for proving my point. Apparently you knew all along that he was never going to be within reach of a CIB because the Army wouldn't make that mistake twice.

    On to the definition of "hero." Do I think a cook or a mechanic can go above and beyond the call of duty? Absolutely but they are in a job that does not give them ample opportunity and that was their choice. Someone in a combat MOS is routinely placed in a position to go above the call of duty and have more of a chance of being viewed as a hero. It does not make them incapable of becoming a hero but it lessens their chances and if they chose a non combat MOS then I'd say they're the type who more often than not wouldn't want to be a hero.

    I'm not going to touch on Pat Tillman as the commenting here would never end.

  • Robert

    As an Army National guard infantry officer and Afghanistan veteran WITH a CIB, I take offense to your disparaging remarks towards Track's service and the National Guard as a whole. The term "weekend warrior" is wholly inadequate to describe what we do for this country. If he was assigned to a PSD platoon which is my understanding, his service is no less honorable than someone assigned to a rifle platoon. Secondly, ss a junior enlisted man he has almost zero say as to what platoon he's assigned to.

    While I'm in no way a supported of Sarah Palin, to have this kind of personally directed attacks towards a brave American who served his country in a time of war is absolutely bullshit. Track Palin is a hero.

    • Owner

      I don't honestly think the word disparaging was necessary in describing my remarks. Weekend warrior fit within the posts context. I wasn't coming down on Track's service to the nation as a whole but I was coming down on his mother. Sure he has no say as to what platoon he's assigned to but you and I know that they hand out CIB's and combat patches like candy these day's so sure I was poking fun at the fact that he does not have one. He signed up to avoid trouble at home and while signing up during a time of war is noteworthy it does not make him a hero even by the Army's standards as he wasn't given any medals for valor.

      Thank you for serving our great nation!

      • Robert

        He was given two ARCOMMs during his two year enlistment…usually only stand-out soldiers will receive ONE during a four year enlistment. Average ones might receive an AAM, and poor ones none.

        If anything, the requirements for the awarding of the CIB have gotten more stringent since 9/11. Also, with the lack of "front lines" how can you take issue with the awarding of a combat patch to soldiers (even CSS) even in a support role. Pogues/REMFs/FOBbits, or whatever you want to call them get rocketed and mortared all the time!

        ALL areas are now forward areas; there is no more "rear" as you knew it when you served. (I'm assuming you did…)

        In my book, anyone who has deployed overseas to either OIF or OEF is a hero.

        I don't care if you guarded a DFAC at a LSA, operated a bulldozer and filled HESCOs with dirt, or conducted air assault missions on HVTs-all are part of the war effort and important. Only 15 percent of the Army is Infantry…should the other 85 percent's service be denigrated?

        • Owner

          Like I said I don't take offense with his service nor anyone else's. Yes he was awarded the two ARCOMMs and while that is rare for his enlistment time we must remember that he is the son of a politician. I'm not saying he didn't earn the medals he was awarded but I'm not saying he did either. We both can agree that it is rare to receive one for a 4 year enlistment and since he didn't see combat doesn't that strike you as odd? I mean he joined the Alaska National Guard while his mother still had pull. The Guard also has the choice of which platoon he is placed into.

          I disagree that the requirements for the CIB have gotten more stringent and that is because, as you mentioned, front lines do not exist. I think that maybe the definition of "combat" has lessened some since 9/11.

          I also know that everyone in the military has a job to do. Doing that job is vital to mission completion but simply doing your job does not make you a hero. Going above the call of duty like SSG Giunta makes you a hero and even he does not like the title. Guarding a DFAC makes you a soldier.

          Again the article as a whole was aimed at his mothers abuse of his combat service. If I met him today I'd shake his hand and say thank you while I'd flip his mother the bird.

          • Robert

            His mom is unelectable and a media whore.

            With your definition about what a "hero" is, how would most of the support roles go above and beyond the call of duty? Obviously they can't engage the enemy in close combat like SSG Giunta did…does that mean they are really incapable of becoming heroes in your sense of the word?

            Pat Tillman was killed in 2003 because the Army, despite him achieving celebrity status allowed him to serve in a role arguable more exposed and risky. His death was a huge blow to the war effort and the Army's reputation. Do you really think the Army would make the same mistake twice?

  • boogie

    I know I'm late but still, that's a shame, and I bet if she was a lib claiming that, then those who did recieve badges (they won't say anything against someone they like, like her though) would had have something to say. I saw one who did serve (in another fourm) was proud to call her a combat vet cuz of all the attacks she's received…. WHAT? smh…

    • Owner

      I can’t believe another vet would even compare her attacks, brought on by herself, to those who serve in combat zones. I’m not surprised that a conservative would be so brainwashed into that level of support though. You’re right that if a lib pulled the same stunt she’d be on FOX news declaring him a terrorist and whatever else she can think up; but can’t spell. Thanks for your comment!

  • Jude

    No CAB, and no EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) either. His MOS was infantryman, but clearly he saw no combat. If he had even been at risk of encountering an IED, he would have been awarded the CIB. His DD214 has been posted several places, here's a link. Saddest thing of all is that Sarah Palin isn't proud of his true service, but feels the need to inflate it. Wonder how that makes Track feel.

    • Owner

      That's pretty sad for an infantryman. Can you imagine how much worse it will get if she ever decides to run? She will likely have him parading around in his class a's and dress blues constantly with her bragging up his service record. Such a shame. Thank you for the link! It is much appreciated

  • Jude

    He's not a combat vet. His Form DD214 lists the usual awards for his service, but does not include a Combat Infantry Badge, which is given to all infantrymen who actually take part in combat. So her boast at the Beck rally, "I gave birth to a combat veteran and nobody can take that away from me," is another lie. BTW, anyone can obtain a copy of the DD214 under the Freedom of Information Act. Only certain info like his SS is redacted, all campaign ribbons, etc., are listed, ending with "Nothing Follows." So no CIB, no combat veteran son for Palin.

    • admin

      Interesting indeed and thanks for the information. I'm not actually sure if he is an 11 series MOS and since I'm assuming you have his DD214 is there a CAB or Combat Action Badge? It wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't in combat considering who he is and that he was in Iraq in the last days of the war. If you have a copy of it would you email it to me? Thanks for the comment and information

  • @smilingchicka

    One of the best blog posts on Sarah Palin I've seen.
    You hit it spot on!
    I always enjoy reading your blog. It's well written and you've got good insight. :)

    • Owner

      Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy what you read here and I hope to continue delivering.