UK Police Warned To Wear “Sensible” Knickers


I see no undies, although that coat is incredibly distracting

This story is almost as funny as the word knickers, apparently police officers in the UK have been wearing risque underwear. The West Midlands police force feel they are receiving a bad deal not to mention being the butt of every joke (pun intended). The officers were advised to wear underwear of a sensible color that would not distract from the rest of the uniform. Clearly bright pink thongs distract from the black or navy blue uniforms they typically wear. The police department says there is no official rule as of yet but they have warned officers to use common sense. The brief was issued to staff to ensure officers “present a professional appearance to the public,” West Midlands Police said.

The list went on to further restrict the wearing of baseball caps unless your unit had proper permission. Plenty of police officers are irritated over the restrictions and have taken to the press to complain but how would you feel if your employer started sending out memos regarding your unmentionables?

While restrictions on everything down to underwear is common in the military it certainly is not in a civilian job. If you were asked to wear a certain color or a certain style of underwear everyday after being allowed to wear what you want would that affect your view on the workplace? Police officers often have a dress code but that usually is just an issued shirt and pants with underwear hidden by the bullet proof vest as well as a tucked-in shirt, so I don’t see how this would be an issue.

I assume these are out?

Do you think these officers were being that scandalous with their knickers that the department had to issue a memo or is it really to help public perception of the force? From your workplace experience have you seen any reason for your company to also implement such a policy?

Original Story via: BBC

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