Lady Gaga Waging War Against DADT


Gaga at a repeal DADT rally in Maine (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)

Lady Gaga’s style, or lack thereof, may be questionable but her devotion to equality for all is absolute. Lady Gaga has recently been waging war on the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy implemented by the military for 17 years. Gaga specifically made a YouTube video for John McCain, one of the biggest supporters of the law, telling him to watch some of the heartfelt videos that soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and citizens had sent to her in support of the repeal. McCain has not changed his position on the issue as of yet, unlike when he changed from pro gay rights to anti gay rights during the 2008 Presidential election campaign to gain votes.

McCain and other high profile Republicans are fighting to keep the law in place until the Pentagon completes its review on how it would affect unit cohesion. The GOP says that repealing the law now during a time of two wars would harm morale. Last week McCain said “I regret to see that the long-respected and revered Senate Armed Services Committee has evolved into a forum for a social agenda of the liberal left of the Senate.”

Recent estimates say that over 13,000 perfectly capable soldiers have been discharged because of their sexual orientation and no other reason. Lady Gaga’s idea was instead of punishing the soldier who has no judgments of others and has not caused a problem, the gay soldier, that the Military should instead send home the judgmental homophobic one. She calls her new law “don’t like it, then go home!” Polls indicate that an overwhelming majority of Americans support the repeal of the unconstitutional law including top leaders in the military like Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen.

Congress has attached the repeal of DADT to a $726 billion dollar defense bill that would fund the military for next year and that includes a 1.4% pay raise for American troops. If the Republicans choose to oppose the bill then they would be denying the military of its ability to wage the Republican started wars and hurt the “Joe’s” paycheck. Democrats see this as an opportunity to shoot Republicans in the foot during the midterm elections because by blocking the bill they would be doing more damage to the military than the repeal of DADT.

It is unclear if the bill will pass even if the Democrats are able to block McCain’s proposal to remove the provision from the bill. The Republicans are also heavily contesting a provision on the bill that would lift a long time ban of abortions on military bases. Democrat Harry Reid has also attached the “DREAM” provision which would allow illegal immigrants who are attending college or join the military to become U.S. citizens. Even with those hot button issues on the bill it would still be a bad idea for Republicans not to vote it through.

I don’t think the gay community and the gay men and women in the armed forces can have a better advocate for gay rights than Lady Gaga. The free spirited and judgment free Gaga commands an army of supporters worldwide and enough right here in America to make sure she is heard loud and clear. She is attracting the attention necessary to put pressure on the policy makers to make sure that the Constitution of the United States is absolute for all no matter their sexual orientation. I commend the singer for doing something useful and proactive instead of acting like the rest of the Hollywood idiots. I think it is safe to say that by 2011 gay men and women will be allowed to openly share their sexuality in the military and be legally protected the same as straights.

Watch Gaga at the rally in Maine: HERE

Source: AP

Author: James

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  • Cora

    Does anyone know if the meat from the infamous VMA dress was eaten?

    • Owner

      I hope it was because those looked like great slices of meat although I hope if it was eaten that it was thoroughly cooked!

  • Cora

    When I read, "McCain has not changed his position on the issue as of yet, unlike when he changed from pro gay rights to anti gay rights during the 2008 Presidential election," my thoughts were simple. BURN. LOVE IT. Please keep up the cleverly placed facts in your articles. So awesome.

    And Meghan McCain and her mother both were photographed for the No H8 campaign.

  • @NeenahBoo2

    Great post!
    I watched her speech on my iPhone from a Greek restaurant last night. I commend that she uses her fame and influence to support such important causes. Anyone who is willing to volunteer and give their life for their country should be able to, regardless of their sexual orientation and without discrimination. I dont think many entertainers have ever givin up 48 hours of their precious time to construct such a compelling speech.
    "Dont like it, then go home!"

    • Owner

      One thing I have always found interesting is that the U.S. Military portrays themselves as the best fighting force in the world yet allowing openly gay troops appears to be their kryptonite. How is it the best fighting force in the world can be thrown into disarray by something so simple? The truth is; it can't and everyone knows it.