Mexican Army Kills 25 Drug Dealers


Mexican Army Soldiers

A shooting in Monterrey, Mexico between the Mexican Army and a band of drug dealers has left 25 dead. The deceased are all suspected drug dealers who work with a well known drug cartel and only 2 Mexican soldiers were wounded. A recon overflight of the Ciudad Mier in Tamaulipas state showed several armed gunman in front of a ranch according to the Mexican Defense Department.

The ranch where the gun battle took place is 80 miles south of the Texan border and 90 miles Northeast of Monterrey, Mexico. When soldiers were moving in on the ranch the drug dealers opened fire and the Mexican Army unleashed some serious firepower. A Military spokesman said that soldiers had opened fire at a ranch know as “The Stump.”

The raid also saved 3 potential kidnapping victims according to the statement released by the Military. They also seized a huge arsenal of weapons including 25 rifles, four grenades, 4,200 rounds of ammunition and 23 vehicles. In the pictures released by Reuters all of the rifles shown were American made. The drug violence in Mexico has cost over 28,000 lives since 2006.

President Felipe Calderon has heavily increased the pressure on the Mexican drug cartels by killing or capturing thousands including the American known as “Barbie”. Recently the Mexican Federal Police force had to cut 10% of its force due to a wide array of reasons but mainly for associating or aiding the cartels. The United States also has their hand in this by funding the Federal Police force and supplying vehicles and weaponry to ensure our border is safe and the Mexican government can remain in control.

You might want to cross Mexico off of your tourist destination list; at least for now. Kidnapping Americans seems to be the hottest trend there currently and their return rate is non existent. Mexico has a lot of work to do and I for one am thankful that we are strengthening our border with them as we speak.

Source: MSNBC

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  • http://Website Peter Hardy

    Would be nice to link this on Facebook to counter the ani Mex crap … I am a Canadian living in Mexico for 9 years LEGALLY and get frustrated when people post that everything here is going to hell and everyone is working with the drug dealers.

    Keep up the good blog

    • Owner

      Well you must remember that the American media loves drama and Mexico provides that for them on multiple levels. The media tears up the immigration issues and then the border violence and all of that other dramatic stuff that us Americans eat up. It certainly does not help Mexico recover quicker and it does nothing for those living in areas that are quite nice but what can you do?
      Thanks for your comment!