Untangling Christine O’Donnell’s Lies


Christine O’Donnell is the Republican, Tea Party Endorsed, candidate for the Delaware Senate seat and my god is she an idiot. The woman has a seriously hard time remembering her lies and when she gets caught in one she says “that was a long time ago.” This is a woman that we are supposed to trust if elected to the Senate and yet she’s a criminal, liar, religious radical, financially irresponsible and just plain dumb. I have put together a bulleted list of her lies and stupidity and all are legitimate facts with sources below.

  • Became a heavy drinker in Fairleigh Dickinson University and had multiple unattached sexual relationships with men.
  • She then became an Evangelical Christian and began preaching abstinence and joined the College Republicans.
  • She attended her college’s commencement ceremony in 1993 but did not receive a degree in anything.
  • In 1994 Fairleigh Dickinson University sued her for $4,823 in unpaid tuition, winning a judgment for the entire amount according to court documents.
  • She paid the debt in 2003; nearly 10 years after graduation day.
  • After completing a required course in 2010 Fairleigh Dickinson University awarded her a bachelors degree in English Literature with a focus on communication.
  • It took her 17 years to get a 4 year degree and nearly 10 to pay off $4,823 dollars.
  • In 1993 she took up a job with anti-pornography group Enough is Enough in Washington D.C.
  • She spent 2 years working with the RNC in Conservative Issue Advocacy
  • She served as a spokesperson for the Concerned Women for America which is an anti-abortion group.
  • She founded “The Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth” and served as President lobbying Congress to apply biblical principals to public policy, moral issues and to apply Christian values including sexual abstinence.
  • The more than deflowered Christine made several appearances on TV including MTV’s ‘Sex in the 90s’ series where she pushed for sexual “purity” and strongly advocated against masturbation.
  • When she moved to Delaware in 2003 she went to work for Intercollegiate Studies Institute who she later sued for “wrongful termination” because the company’s policy’s were “too conservative”. She sued for $6.9 million for wrongful termination, discrimination, gender discrimination, mental anguish and delaying her education. She dropped the suit in 2008 when she stated she could no longer afford an attorney.
  • In 2008 O’Donnell defaulted on her mortgage for her house in Wilmington and the mortgage company won a judgment against her for $90,000. The house was supposed to be sold at a sheriff’s auction in August of 2008 but she quickly sold the house to her campaign lawyer and then boyfriend.
  • O’Donnell can’t even pay her taxes. The IRS filed a lien against her in 2010 because she owes $11,000 in back taxes from 2005.
  • She lists herself as self-employed and an odd job worker
  • She was forced to move into a Delaware townhouse because of her financial issues and she paid half the rent with campaign contributions. From 2007 to 2009 the Federal Election Commission cited her eight times for failing to supply contribution reports on time.
  • She has worked as a marketing consultant recently as well as a FOX news consultant.
  • She is unmarried and has no children and is 41 years of age and claims that sex is only for married couples and masturbation is wrong. Do you know any 41 year old individual who has not had sex or masturbated? I surly don’t.
  • O’Donnell ran against Joe Biden in 2008 for the Delaware Senate seat. She was behind Joe Biden 2-1 the entire race even after criticizing his dual campaigns for both the Senate and Vice President. When she lost the campaign by 65% to 35% she and her campaign were $23,000 in debt and as of March 2010 is still 23,000 dollars in debt. According to a former employee she owed money to pretty much everyone who worked on her campaign.
  • When a report from The News Journal in March 2010 detailed her personal fiscal difficulties, O’Donnell attributed the problems to misunderstandings and errors. Absolutely no personal accountability whatsoever!
  • The chair of the state Republican Party, Tom Ross, said, “She’s a candidate who runs for office that unfortunately lives off the proceeds.”
  • In July 2010 she only had $55,000 for her campaign but when she said she was “Tea Party” then her funds went to $150,000 according to CNN.
  • To better her chances of success against Mike Castle she released a campaign video in September which insinuated he was having a “gay affair”. Her plan backfired miserably and was later accused of being involved in a whisper campaign by deliberately repeating the rumor while denying starting it.
  • She later attacked Castle by calling him “unmanly” and told him it wasn’t a “bake off and to put his man pants on.”
  • She barely won the September, 14 2010 election. The margin was 6 percentage points and she only garnered 30,000 votes.
  • After winning O’Donnell has come under increasing scrutiny for statements she has made about political leaders including Karl Rove. According to the Delaware GOP and the state’s largest newspaper, The News Journal, O’Donnell’s responses consisted of correcting the information, brushing it aside, or downplaying the discrepancies.
  • Former campaign staffer Kristin Murray stated that during her 2008 campaign, O’Donnell used campaign funds “for rent and personal expenses, while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt.”
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington alleged that O’Donnell made false statements on Federal Elections Commission filings and illegally used more than $20,000 of her campaign funds as “her very own personal piggy bank” by claiming expenses during a time when she had no official campaign.
  • When the group filed a complaint on September 20, 2010 with the Federal Elections Commission, and asked the U.S. Attorney in Delaware to investigate O’Donnell responded to the accusations by saying there is ”no truth to it. I personally have not misused the campaign funds.” However, she refused to answer specific financial questions asked by CNN.
  • According to FOX news she is trailing the Democratic candidate by 15 points.
  • Here is the kicker. O’Donnell believes that abortions should be outlawed even in cases of rape and incest. She wants a rape victim to keep the rape baby because it is God’s will.
  • She also alleged that she was obtaining a Masters Degree from Princeton University while working at ISI. However her own campaign manager has said that she was never accepted to a Masters Degree program. It was never even possible since she just got her 17 year old bachelors degree diploma a few months ago.
  • She has also said on the Bill Maher show that she was apart of a “satanic ritual” and that it was a date with a satanic boy and they went to a satanic altar where there was blood on the floor. She said she “dabbled in witchcraft.”
  • O’Donnell wants to stop the ‘whole country from having sex.’ Asked by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, “You’re going to stop the whole country from having sex?” O’Donnell replied, “Yes.” [Scarborough Country, 11/13/03]
  • O’Donnell warned about mice with ‘fully functioning human brains.’ “Now we’re using this to start cloning humans. … They are — they are doing that here in the United States.
  • O’Donnell wonders why monkey aren’t ’still evolving into humans.’ On an Oct. 15, 1998 episode of Politically Incorrect, O’Donnell said, “You know what, evolution is a myth.” Host Bill Maher responded, “Evolution is a myth?!? Have you ever looked at a monkey!” To which, O’Donnell said, “Well then, why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans? [Politically Incorrect, 10/15/98]

Well there it is ladies and gentleman the Tea Party endorsed candidate for the Republican Senate seat in Delaware is a greedy, lying, virgin, not a virgin, uneducated, broke, fraud and so many more. This is one of the Tea Party’s shining lights and she is probably the worst person any party has ever chosen. I knew the Tea Party was ignorant and full of imbeciles but could they really just brush over her horrific past and ongoing problems? The state of Delaware can only hope that she loses the election and is put away for not paying taxes.



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  • roosterenvy

    F! F! I wanted to link you to this on Twitter but seems you're "away" for a while.

    This 8-minute clip of a debate between O'Donnell and her opponent left me totally stunned. She is able to identify the 17th Amendment but apparently is unaware the separation of church and state clause is part of the First Amendment.

  • Cora

    The majority of Tea Party events are attended by men. The leaders (the Koch crew) behind this movement realize these men believe everything a woman says. A cute face causes these older men to lose their minds.

    I have heard some of the items but really appreciate having the numerous lies listed.

    • http://www.mybloggityblog.com/wordpress Owner

      Have you noticed her change in appearance from kind of dull to bright red Sarah Palin pant suits with heels and now square rimmed glasses; just like Sarah.

  • http://twitter.com/NeenahBoo2 @NeenahBoo2

    WOW, I'm speechless and that doesnt happen very often.