When Planning For A Robbery Be Sure To Bring A Real Gun


A clerk in a Duncansville, Pennsylvania porn store proved he knew more about the robbers’ firearm than they did. Two women tried robbing the clerk with a toy gun and the clerk calmly told them to “get a real gun.” 28-year-old Shannon Cheripka, of Glasgow, and 26-year-old Angela Crook, of Coalport tried to rob the Adult World early in the morning but were not expecting the street smart clerk.

Cheripka told police that the clerk said “First, if you’re going to rob someone, get a real gun. Second off, you’re not getting any money.” Once the clerk made it clear they were not robbing him he took a hammer from behind the counter and chased the women out of the store. Police in Logan Township located the van that the clerk had described and arrested the women. The duo is now in custody of the Blair County Jail and face felony robbery charges and do not have lawyers as of yet.

In this case taking a hammer to a gun battle was a wise idea. The police have not released a picture of the toy firearm in question but one wonders how it was so obvious that the clerk noticed it right away. Did they use a nerf gun? It reminds me of The Good Guy’s episode where Detective Dan Stark is pointing an orange gun at a suspect and the suspect says “that’s a toy gun” to which Detective Stark says “haven’t you seen an orange gun before?”

Source: MSNBC

Author: James

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