It’s Been a Bad Few Days for Christine


Christine O’Donnell has had a pretty rough few days but she can only thank herself for the attention she is receiving. O’Donnell, who is running for Senate in Delaware, was recently caught acting like a bitch, witch her normal self on a radio show, WDEL in Delaware. Christine displayed her lack of knowledge yet again and also repeatedly refused to answer a simple question on what she would do differently if she was in Chris Coons’ former position. When she got backed into a corner on the question of “what would you change” she became visibly angry and snapped her fingers at an aid to come over and help her. She, along with the aid, then defensively described how she was running for Senate and it was irrelevant what she’d do differently as New Castle’s County Executive. She can’t say what she’d do differently but she can berate Coons on what he did in that position?

It’s not as bad as not knowing what the 1st Amendment to the Constitution says especially when you’re trying to make a point about the 1st Amendment but it certainly does showcase her stupidity. Once she found out her “snapping” was being televised she and her people threatened to “crush” the station if they posted the video. O’Donnell’s campaign lawyer has since apologized for the lawsuit threats saying the reason Christine and her campaign staff were so upset was because there was apparently confusion over whether or not she was being taped.

Now before I get into this next embarrassing moment for O’Donnell I want to remind you that she brought this upon herself with her very public rants about abstinence, banning masturbation, being a virgin, being a born again virgin and how condoms don’t work.

Some unlucky guy was exposed to the horror of a drunken Christine on Halloween three years ago and by horror I mean her unshaven vagina. Christine’s very dirty laundry was aired in a Gawker article from an anonymous man who alleges that Christine targeted him for seduction several months before his eyes were permanently damaged. Christine, dressed in a slutty ladybug costume, arrived at his house drunk and convinced him to enjoy a night on the town where they got even more tipsy. Christine had decided that it was time to get physical so she made him ask her friend for permission to have Christine stay at his house and that he would drop her off in the morning. The friend agreed and the tipsy pair eventually made it back to his bed and a naked Christine tried to make herself presentable however he did not have jungle fever; literally. Needless to say they did not have sex but it certainly goes to show how “virginal” she is.

What irritates me about this is not that I had to hear about, then visualize, her unshaven vagina but the outrage that it has sparked in women . The feminazis feel that Gawker’s story is “sexist, disgusting and disturbing” and while I agree about the disturbing part; I strongly disagree with the rest. First of all if it was an article about Lindsey Lohan and who she has had one night stands with; women couldn’t buy them fast enough. Since America considers the cast of Jersey Shore “celebrities” then by default that makes Christine one so why all the fuss? Oh that’s right I forgot she’s a woman. The same women who, roam free from the kitchen, preach equality for women treat stories about men and womens sexual relations totally different. If Tiger Woods’ wife had cheated on him then you would hear things like “he probably wasn’t home enough for her”, “he ignored her too much.” Yet the minute some man details his relations with a public person they’re up in arms and ready to hang him with their curling iron cords.

Gawker had every right to run that story, Christine if you’re reading check the 1st Amendment, and by doing so they finally leveled the playing field. No longer are just male politicians being called out on their extracurricular activites while the women get to slip by unharmed. Why is it that when we heard all about Bill Clinton leaving “stains” on Monica’s dress the nation wanted him impeached? So why are there not calls for O’Donnell to drop out of the campaign? She clearly has lied about every principal she believes in and this story proves that she is not the “devout Christian” and “virgin till marriage” that she preaches to anyone who will listen. Either way it seems she will lose as her stupidity has done more damage than this story ever will but I hope this isn’t the last time a female public official is called out.

Christine O’Donnell Responds to Gawker: HERE

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