Is it a bird, a plane or a missile?


A vapor trail seen off the California coast on Monday has people asking a lot of questions and they’re not getting many answers. People, including a news helicopter camera, spotted what looks like a missile rising out of the Pacific Ocean just a mere 35 miles from shore but since then the military has been mum and people are speculating their IQ into the negatives. The Pentagon released the following statement on the issue, “While there is nothing at this time that leads the Department of Defense to believe this is a missile launch, the department and other US government agencies with expertise in aviation and space continue to look into the condensation trail (CONTRAIL) seen and reported off the coast of southern California on Monday evening.

The above quote from the Pentagon should be enough for most to know they’re being lied to. I see quite a few people saying things like “well if the military say’s it wasn’t their missile then it wasn’t their missile” and that makes me cringe. If the military does not want to look bad or simply thinks you don’t need to know; well then you are not going to know. The simple fact that NORAD(North American Aerospace Defense Command) can confirm it was not a threat to the United States and that the Navy and Air Force are playing the it “wasn’t ours” game means it was a missile. Here’s a simple question for those of you who’re still skeptical: How can they determine it wasn’t a threat but not determine what it was or where it came from?

The people over at seem to think that it was an airplane rising from the Ocean and shooting straight up. They say that peoples eyes were deceiving them into seeing a jet contrail on an angle that would make it look like a missile. In all my years of staring at the sky I have never once seen such a contrail from anything but a missile. If you look at a jet’s contrails it is typically two lines,horizontal, in the sky and those contrails come from the wing tips or engines. This contrail, the missile, had only one vapor trail and I don’t know of any planes without wings as of yet. People were watching this rise out of the ocean and none of them saw an airplane mind you. What further debunks the airplane myth in my mind is if it were just a plane why couldn’t NORAD or the Air Force see it on its radar or just say hey it was one of our jets? While it is possible for it to be fighter jet performing some weird maneuvers; I don’t buy it.

One of the only explanations that I can come up with is a U.S. Navy submarine. Submarines frequently run missile launch drills and missile tests but typically never so close to shore so I also have come up with two possibilities for the launch.

  1. The Navy was testing either an ICBM(Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) or a Tomahawk Cruise missile and they had a specific reason for doing it so close to shore.
  2. It was an accidental launch on the Navy’s part.

I think both of those reasons are reason enough for the military to want to deny any involvement in the “mystery missile” especially the latter. It is rare for the Navy to accidentally launch a missile, let alone so close to shore, but accidents do happen and the military is even more likely to deny its involvement. However the first choice is the most likely considering where Obama is at the moment. Obama is currently in India, Pakistan’s Rival, making friends and gaining a very powerful ally but that has more than pissed China off. India is the only country in the world that can rival China on every level and better yet; they’re Democratic. China responded to Obama’s trip by announcing a new deal with Pakistan that will give them a 5th nuclear reactor so it is possible that this was the U.S.’s way of reminding them who’s who.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is when the U.S. military tells you that they’re not involved it likely means they’re. If it was the military’s goal to show China’s who’s boss then it was an epic fail on a grand scale. Inciting panic in your own people is never a good thing and its even worse when you boast the “best military in the world” and you say you have no idea what that thing was. Sadly this event has garnered more coverage in America than either of the key events I mentioned earlier but then again that may have been the goal after all.

See the video here: CBS

Quotes from: ABC, Fox News, Washington Post

Author: James

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  • aeronm

    Be careful: "…the people over at"…. this is a known dis-information website… paid for by a private corporation for the express purpose of disseminating false information, especially relating to chemtrails. The same corporation owns several other, if not dozens, of dis-information sites all over the internet….. be sure to find out who owns/runs any website you quote…. a large number of these sites are junk science intended to confuse the public. Same thing happening with fluoride, vaccines, etc etc etc.

    • Owner

      I don’t trust contrailscience as most of them are paid for by the government to say what they want them to say. My quotes were more to poke fun at them as what they were suggesting is just ludacris and illogical. Thanks for your comment and information!

  • http://Website Neenah

    Pheewwww as long as it’s ours I’m cool! lol

  • http://Website Neenah

    It is plausible that a full test was in effect and something unexpected occurred. With that being said, why do you think we would we conduct a test so close to shore where the public can witness and question it’s intention? That’s the only thing I can’t figure out, and the only thing that makes me wonder if it was ours. If the missile was ours then cool, mistakes happen. If it wasn’t…. Well then Houston we have a problem!

    • Owner

      There\’s no doubt in my mind that it was ours. I think the reason they did it so close was again either an accident or to send a message to some other nation; China. Those are really the only things that make sense if it was in fact a missile.

  • http://Website kaydey

    its stil a bird

    • @MyBloggityBlog

      I think it's Big Bird :P

  • @NeenahBoo2

    If it was our launch and the military feels it's none of our business I can accept that. I think it is ridiculous that some feel the military need to tell us everything they are doing. It's the military for gods sake.
    I would like to ponder the fact it was an accidental launch on our part. Wouldn't measures like Permissive Action Links prevent an accidental launch?

    • @MyBloggityBlog

      I agree with you on the public not needing to know everything the military does but when so close to shore it's hard not to want answers.
      If they were doing a full scale test then it is possible someone made an error and sent it up and since it was a full test they would have ran it like a real launch so safety features would be disabled for each step of the process. The missile, if it were live, would have been remotely aborted and disarmed once they realized the mistake. This may be why it moved slower than normal because if it were an ICBM it's booster would have propelled it 1000ft up before engaging the full motor and it could have been disabled by then.