Is it time to invade North Korea and do we stop there?


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Thursday, August 16, 2012- North Korean officials threatened to reconsider existing agreements with the United States in a recent meeting in Singapore, two sources familiar with the discussions told The Cable. The North Korean warning comes as analysts speculate that Pyongyang may be preparing a fresh nuclear test, a development that could raise tensions in Asia and embarrass U.S. President Barack Obama in the middle of a closely fought re-election campaign.

At the secret meetings in Singapore, the North Koreans told two U.S. experts they were no longer interested in resurrecting that arrangement and said they were reconsidering their previous agreements to eventually denuclearize as well. Via Foreign Policy

An Army Black Hawk flies over the coast of Korea

I’m sure this question has been passed around a few circles including those within the White House in recent months but is it time to start drawing the battle plans? North Korea has been pushing buttons of nations that can literally destroy them in a few weeks without breaking a sweat and they do it because they have gotten away with it every single time. South Korea has lost 50 members of its armed forces this year alone but still no invasion? If the United States had lost just one soldier to North Korea there would be calls for all out war so why does the U.S. push for calm?

China is the reason that the United States and South Korea do not want to fully destroy North Korea. The last time we tried, damn near successfully, to kick North Korea’s ass; China stepped in. Back in the 50′s we certainly could have taken on China but today that is a much different story and we would have our asses handed to us one on one. China, as well as North Korea, is Communist though and since much of the world despises Communism it wouldn’t take much for us to get the support needed to take them on.

North Korea being backed by the largest military in the world does give them a lot of leverage but when they constantly violate international law; how much longer can we let them think they’re the shit? The truth is we can’t wait long at all. If we continue to bow to them, while China strengthens itself, then we will have no real chance of defeating either country. Someday China will be the strongest country in the world and we simply won’t have the power to fight a huge war like this.

The reason I keep putting China and North Korea in the same category is because even if China didn’t help North Korea they certainly wouldn’t want a U.S. base on their border. Think of it like China taking over Cuba. The irritation would slowly build until we just level the place and China would do the same. The United States knows that taking on North Korea means an eventual war with China and they can’t figure out how to win that one, although Obama may have just ensured a clear cut victory if it ever comes to it.

Many have criticized Obama’s recent venture to India but I think it’s the best thing he has done since his inauguration. India, the world’s largest Democracy, is a bitter rival with China and the only nation that can take on China both economically and financially. Their military is also kick ass and it scares the shit out of China that we’re making friends with them. So in reality the United States, with its allies, is more than capable to take on China and North Korea and win but it’s only a matter of when.

China or not I think it is necessary that the United States finishes the job in North Korea. Allowing ourselves to be pushed back to the armistice line that separates the Korea’s today was a mistake. The U.S. also needs a clear cut victory. Since North Korea is a uniformed military, unlike al-Qaeda, someone would have to surrender and the U.S. desperately needs that to keep up appearances as an international badass. Should the U.S. undertake this task now? No. It should certainly be planning for it within the next decade though.


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Author: James

I am the owner and main author of My Bloggity Blog. I started this blog on a whim and it grew faster than I ever imagined. I seriously enjoy debating politics and foreign policy as I'm sure you've noticed but I also enjoy a wide array of other things that I try to include here.

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  • Clark

    USA can take on China and North Korea and win, this guy is completely clueless. When you are fighting tribal wars then it does matter who has the larger military, or who has the larger territory or who has more spears, those factors determine the victor but when you both have nukes, weapons of mass destruction and god knows what else that does not matter anymore as there are no victors there is only mutually assured destruction.

    • James

      North Korea has one of the largest militaries on Earth. China has the largest military on earth and while North Korea is mostly poorly trained conscripts China’s military is far better trained and there is success with numbers. If we go back to the Korean war where both China and North Korea fought together as they would today we’d see thousands of troops simply overwhelm the defenders that we have in place. The United States and South Korea would do serious damage that is for sure but facing China by ourselves is not an option because we simply cannot face that many people without a detrimental loss that would likely result in failure.

      Nukes aren’t really an option anymore. Think of how many times we have had the opportunity to use them especially during the Cold War. No one wants to destroy one another so they’re just big bluffs. It would be a conventional war with conventional weapons.

      I understand that you disagree with my assessment so feel free to highlight yours. Thank you for your comment.

  • John

    We should invade North Korea not simply because we can, but because more than 154,000 people are kept in the most horrific conditions in gulags across that country. How can we sit on our hands? Imagine you were in the gulag and the free nations of the world were indifferent to your plight. Have we learnt nothing from the past?

    • James

      Thank you for your comment John. It reminded me of this quote.

      I have never advocated war except as a means of peace.
      Ulysses S. Grant

      North Koreans who exercise free thought or even those who are relatives of free thinkers are tossed into the gulag. It is disgusting that world leaders continue to ignore the crimes against humanity. It also drives me insane that the North Koreans can get away with so much and be rewarded for it in the form of aid. They sank a South Korean military vessel by way of a flagged submarine and have shelled a South Korean military island within the last two years. They killed over 100 soldiers/sailors and nothing was done in response.

    • Clark

      You obviously know so much about what goes on in North Korea as though you are either a defector or someone who was involved with the regime. I don’t think you should talk about North Korea’s gulags without mentioning Guantanamo Bay.

      • James

        There are less than 200 hundred left in Guantanamo Bay so if we are going to start naming gulag’s one might try the American prison system which currently incarcerates more than any nation on earth.

  • Durango Dave

    Regardless of whose ass gets KICKED militarily {and I think the USA would give the Chinese a 'prison raping' on that point}, we would be the ones "taking it in the rear" long-term. Simple fact: China is financing a TON of our national dept: 1- We even think out-loud about attacking them, they could drop all that on the open market and our interest rates go in to HYPER drive. 2-We kick their ass, their economy tanks, the Yen tanks and the same thing will happen. Either way OUR economy takes a mega-dump. We need to be 'kicking-the-shit' out of ALL our politicians first to get our financial house in order. I personally would love to see us flatten North Korea. They are nothing but a small greasy shit stain in the worlds underwear. But I will guarantee you that our 'politicians' understand my statement above which is why they just bark a lot.

    • The Author

      "They are nothing but a small greasy shit stain in the worlds underwear."

      Exactly! Thank you for your insight and great comment. Stop back anytime.

  • Josiah Heng

    I'm Chinese and I'm ashamed to admit it but China is really full of shit. Majority of China-Chinese have little to no morals or ethics. The world should stop taking notice of China, stop hiring mainland Chinese. These people are the lowest lifeforms ever. They will stoop to the lowest and most despicable methods to take advantage of you and abuse your trust in them. I'm Chinese so I know how a Chinese thinks. Thank God, I'm Singaporean, the British influence rubbed off well on us. Please, for the love of God, stop thinking that Chinese are the greatest people on earth. The truly greatest people on this planet are the jews. They are smart, talented and their religion is absolutely beautiful. God bless Israel!

    • joseph stonnely

      That is full of shit. Where you live doesn't decide what kind of person you are, its all about how you grow up. I have seen terrible Jews, Muslims, christians, mormans, catholics, and many more as well as many good people from each religion. Religion has nothing to do with it.

  • Josiah Heng

    Going to war with China is pointless as it will lead to massive casualties. However, if the entire world cooperates and cuts off trading and other forms of support for its economy, it is possible to starve off at least a third or quarter of the Chinese population. There must be international cooperation to NOT support China in anyway, and pressure them into NOT helping/supporting North-Korea. China has caused enough pain & suffering during the Korean & Vietnam war. This nonsensical behavior has got to end.

    • Clark

      You just can’t give up the benefits of a cheap labour market, you don’t realize that if trading with China stops you will know have to take on the role that the Chinese population has had and that is work and work and work and exploitation for no pay.

  • Scotty

    China will not be the superpower of our age. They will implode within the next decade.

    They have a highly highly regional economic disparity between the coast and inland.
    The only reason for their economic success is because the West has allowed China to follow mercantalistic policies, while the US and the West follow a free market.

    When two nations are free markets, both benefit. When both nations are mercantalistic, both hurt. When one nation is mercantalistic and the other free, the mercantalistic one leeches off the free one.

    People must look deeper into facts about economies before believing that China will rule the world. Looking deeper, you will realize that China's growth is false. The Chinese dream is a fraud.

    The US will clamp down on China's protectionism very soon as it is starting to hurt America's job growth. Although the American economy is growing again, its job market isn't.

    • Owner

      I’d personally love to see China implode within the next decade but with as fast as their economy is rising it would be hard to believe. While China does rig their economy and monetary system to benefit themselves and if you take that into account they’re on par with Japan and still rising. China has killed America’s job growth since the creation of NAFTA yet the Government refuses to clamp down on China because China owns most of our debt. Clamping down on China would cause China to reclaim their money and essentially bankrupt the American Government.
      And you’re right that we are the most advanced military in the world but that’s because it is a wartime economy and they have a trillion dollar budget. But since the wars are nearing completion and the economy is in the tank and is not expected to grow or reach post 9/11 levels for the next 20 years my guess is the military will face drastic cuts. After every war the U.S. fights we purge the military to open the budget we did it as recently as the 1st Gulf War and we’ll do it again.

  • Scotty

    stupid. The chinese military is simply awful. It uses technology that was old to the Soviets. The British could be the Chinese. The Japanese, who are barely allowed to have a navy, have a more powerful navy then China. China would be a cakewalk. The US would simply blockade China, thereby ruining its economy, and then just wait for the revolution.

    Chinese land forces are poorly equipped, poorly trained, and aren't as numerous as people think it is. They have about a 3 million man army. The total US army is about 2.2 million.

    • Owner

      Thanks for the comment. While the Chinese military is not as equipped as us and moderately trained you must remember that China is Communist and they would just draft as many conscripts as they need. China doesn’t care about human rights so they’d just throw wave after wave at us and after awhile numbers do play out in their favor.
      I’m not saying that China would beat us now but they have been tripling their funds every year for their military and this upcoming year they’re supposed to deploy a carrier. While many of us think that their military is far inferior they actually have a lot of our technology. We could blockade China but then they would just end our food supply, supply of uniforms, munitions, and damn near everything else.

  • moose

    I'm not so sure we would certainly lose to China one on one. It depends on whether we can revive our industry system or not, and whether we would be stupid enough to stand toe to toe with them. We still have a sizable technological edge while their main advantage is having bagilifuckingmente people to throw at us. The problem for them is that they also have to feed that army. The logistics must be a nightmare and I believe we would be able to capitalize on it.

    Shut off all food export to them for a few weeks or months before hostilities and then firebomb their main agri centers (which we could reach easily from bases in Afghanistan or India) Turn it into a siege and let them worry about feeding the 3.5 billion souls they are so proud of. That's the best way to win a war, turn the enemies advantages against them.

    But at the end of the day, we can reach out and touch them effectively while it doesn't seem like they can touch us (our homeland) with anything more than token efforts. A war now might be the best thing for us in fact, as it would give us an opportunity to ruin them while we do have any sort of edge at all.

    • moose

      uh, typo in the first paragraph. Sorry. Should be:
      "It depends on whether we can revive our industry or not…"

      Isn't it terrible when bad things happen to good sentences? :)

      • owner

        Yes it is. I'll edit it for you

    • scotty

      by far the US has the technological edge. Technologically, we are a generation ahead of the Europeans. We are two generations ahead of the Chinese and the rest of the world.

      China's economy is very very fragile, and at the drop of the hat, could implode. All of China's wealth is located in a few coastal cities. Of which, the US could siege.

      People! numbers don't matter anymore in war. technology is everything when it comes to war. The nation with the most advanced arsenal is the most powerful nation. The US by far, by far, has the lead on this.

      Economically, if the US were to go into full gear, could easily overproduce China. US exports, contrary to popular belief, are only slightly behind that of China. The US exports more then Japan or India. Germany exports slightly more then the US, and China is ahead of Germany by a small margin. They only passed Germany up very recently.

      • Scotty

        we have a military technological edge that is. Economically we are on par with the Northwestern europeans.

      • Owner

        Well you’re right that numbers don’t matter because we have poured over a 100,000 troops into Iraq and Afghanistan for less than 500 Taliban insurgents and we’re getting our ass kicked by comparison. Afghanistan is one of the poorest, arguably the poorest, nation on Earth and yet America with its 21st century military and trillion dollar defense budget has been slowed to a halt by the same technology that defeated the Russians nearly 30 years ago. While fighting China would be drastically different from fighting Afghans the U.S. would have to completely overhaul its strategy again for the second time in 10 years.
        I’m sure the U.S. could overtake China if it reverted to WWII production standards but America has not seen those levels well since WWII.

    • Owner

      I agree that we should hit them sooner rather than later. Again I agree with you on the logistics of moving that many men and attempting to feed them would be a nightmare and no doubt we would capitalize on that issue. While we would likely do all of the things you stated we must also think of what China will do. Since most of our imports are of the Chinese type us going to war with them would take immense planning and buildup on our part simply because once China stops shipping here we could up a very large creek with no paddle.
      I'd like the U.S. to start preparing for it now anyways as bolstering the production for a war that may or may not happen, with a uniformed army, would certainly help out the jobs and economy much more than the current wars.
      The best advantage the United States has against China is that we kick ass when fighting an Army we can see; one that has to wear uniforms. That is where our strategy always prevails.