Is Julian Assange A Dead Man?


The simple answer to that question is yes. Now the only questions are when and where the “accidental” car crash will take place or when his stove will “leak”. While Julian is not the sole individual behind Wikileaks; he is the face. Julian has either purposely made himself the only target or didn’t realize how pissed the United States would be. With Wikileaks latest leak they not only pissed off every Democracy that has to deal with the United States but they made the mistake of crossing the King of Saudi Arabia.

Now even if Julian dies from something natural the world will likely implode and the CIA will catch all of the shit for it but the likelihood of something natural causing his death is incredibly low. So is killing him a good idea? It really could end up being good or bad. If Julian were to have an “accident” then either WikiLeaks leaves the U.S. alone or it goes on a vendetta; my guess is the latter. Wikileaks would like nothing more than to have actual blood on the CIA’s hands and the entire world know it.

My personal opinion is starting to shift because I’m a fan of the United States and we don’t need any more bad press. I originally had wanted him killed simply for the fact that what he is doing is wrong; at least in my mind. Secondly didn’t he get the drift with those rape charges? Doing it ourselves would turn things into a nightmare for us unless Saudi Arabia did it for us and they certainly have the means. Shockingly it seems like most Americans would turn a blind eye to his untimely disappearance even though they can’t let Sarah Palin disappear.

I really want to see where he’s been hiding this entire time as the man has been off the grid for quite awhile. Now even his home country of Australia is looking into possible charges against him so god only knows what kind of conditions he is dealing with. Then again I would probably end up looking like Saddam, when captured, if I had every spy agency in the world looking for me.

Be sure to let me know what you think. Is he a dead man or will he be convicted of “rape?”

Information: Assange possibly charged under espionage act, Wikipedia: Julian Assange, Sarah Palin say’s Assange should be hunted like al-Qaeda

U.S. Government set to go cold: CBS News

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Author: James

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  • http://Website irk

    What you conveniently call collateral damage is getting out of hand. And then you innocently ask”Why does the world hate us?”
    The rest of us are humans, you know.

    • Owner

      I’m just explaining it from a military perspective. Battles are waged in area’s where humans, non combatants, live. Yes it’s horrible that they die but war is war. If we were murdering civilians on purpose then I think we’d be talking about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan where they slaughtered the populous purposely. I’m all for a pullout of both of the war zones as there is no point to waging wars for less than 200 taliban but it seems the President’s promise for withdrawal, during his campaign, has been swept under the rug.

  • dude

    A fan of the USA huh? No more bad press huh? how about the US stops its own bad press by not invading other countries and murdering thousands of women and children.

    • Owner

      Indeed I am. I do think you confuse the term murder with “collateral damage” though. We’re not over there to kill civilians but it has been the price of war since wars have been waged. I do believe that it’s time for our troops to come home but the damage is clearly already done.

  • Jason

    Here is a man who is calling anyone and everyone out on their lies and hypocrisies and harmful underground policies. Here is a man who is not breaking into anything but rather simply sharing the information that is handed to him like most journalists would and do. Here is a man who doesn't shrink away from calling the most powerful countries in the world out on the lies they tell the masses. Here is a man that stands up and tells the US that he is not the one putting US soldiers in danger but rather he is the one showcasing how the US puts our own in danger. Here is a man who holds all countries up to a higher standard. Here is a man who is neither a hero or villian but rather a conduit of truth and facts.

    Here is a man who would have the approval of our founding fathers without question.

    • Owner

      Do you think Wikileaks hypes it all up to much? If he really cared about exposing our government then why release cables that will put the government in a deep freeze? I really don't think he holds us to a higher standard and who is the standard anyway? I think he pitys us and despises the United States as a whole and seeks to destroy our international partnerships and alliances.

  • F. Richards

    I think he's already dead. Abducted and assasinated. It sure as hell seems that way:

    Good riddance to the traitor if you ask me. Before anyone says: "He isn't an American so he can't be a traitor", I say he's a traitor to us, the civilized west, the NATO allies and all people with common sense. He is a traitor in our War against Terror.

    • Owner

      Thanks for the comment and link! I'm not so sure he's dead yet but I could be wrong. It just would surprise me that wikileaks wouldn't seize the opportunity to use it against us publicly.