Canadian Pilot Turned Lingerie Murderer Kicked Out Of Military


The Canadian Air Force pilot who was convicted after confessing to murder and gruesome sexual assaults has been formally kicked out of the military. He also confessed to a string of 82 robberies in which he broke into homes to steal womens underwear; often the underwear of little girls. It was impossible for him to deny the crimes as he very meticulously photographed himself wearing the stolen garments but he also dated the times they were stolen and cataloged them accordingly. He also videotaped his assaults on the two women, Marie Comeau, 38, and Jessica Lloyd, 27, before ending their lives.

Canadian military officials confiscated all of former Col Russell Williams’ medals and they burned his uniform. He was once one of the most respected pilots in the Air Force often flying royalty between nations. Among the medals seized were his South-West Asia Service Medal with Afghanistan bar, Canadian Forces’ Decoration and his commission scroll, a document confirming his authority as an officer. The Canadian Chief of Air Staff said “We don’t understand why. This individual was a man of tremendous capacities. He was professional. I still can’t reconcile the two people we’ve seen.” While his sentence has taken away his liberties the stripping of his medals and service must have stripped him of his ego.

The Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Scott who sentenced Williams said it best. “Russell Williams will forever be remembered as a sadosexual serial killer.” It’s astonishing how well a person can hide their desires and how quickly one’s fantasies can expand into things like murder and rape. If the guy loved wearing panties so much then why not buy a ton at Victoria’s Secret? I guess the rush of flying fighter jets and royalty around just wasn’t enough for the man. I do enjoy how Canada’s law functions though. Since he was being tried for murder, the sex crimes and the robberies conviction meant life and that’s it. He must serve 25 years before even becoming eligible for parole. His tears in court showed that he wasn’t sorry for what he had done but rather that he was sorry for getting caught.

Source: BBC, BBC News

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  • @NeenahBoo2

    Wow, what a sick freaky bastard… Wearing lingerie is one thing, but he crossed the line with children's underwear and murder. You have to give him credit for his meticulous card catalog of evidence.
    I think he would look a lot better shaved though lol

    • Owner

      LOL Yea his photos sure made the police’s job easy! Hell he couldn’t even put on a matching set. Yea the whole hairy part and raging hard on was not needed lol!