Ignoring The Real Cause In Arizona And Blaming Guns Instead


Arizona is poised to be the new battleground over our right to bear arms and there is so much blame being passed onto the weapon that the real issues are being overlooked. The incident in Arizona that left 6 dead and 12 wounded is a travesty but it’s certainly not the most horrific shootout this country has witnessed. After every “mass” shooting politicians and citizens alike take up sides of the gun debate and blame the weapon rather than the psychopath that pulled the trigger. They also conveniently forget to place blame on society’s weaknesses that failed to prevent such a disaster. Jared Lee Loughner was picked up twice by the police in Arizona yet he was not charged and since no convictions were on his record he was able to buy a Glock 19, ammo and 33 round magazines.

Blaming a firearm or a firearms company for a tragedy is incredibly stupid. It’s especially stupid when you can look back on a person’s life and see that they should have never been able to purchase any weapons to begin with but they did so because the police failed to do their job. The current restrictions in place now for firearms should have prevented Loughner from obtaining the pistol in the first place but since the police dismissed every charge against him previously he was able to pick one up. I’m not saying that the restrictions in place are perfect but the one thing they always do when buying a gun is a background check. It’s too bad that there isn’t a psychiatric care database for sellers to access when buying a gun. If that had existed then we would have been able to see that his community college considered him a threat.

It makes absolutely no sense to want to ban certain parts of guns, like a 33 round magazine, when

The crazed Arizona shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner (AP)

we should instead be focusing on revamping the current system. The problem with taking away a 33 round magazine from a potential psycho is that they still can buy 10 or 15 round magazines. So instead why don’t we overhaul the system to ensure that people who are deemed a threat by a trained psychiatrist or psycho therapist can’t get their hands on firearms until they’re reevaluated. The biggest reason this will never happen is because it costs politicians and the government nothing to ban guns but it would to revamp the system. That’s why if you read the news, especially on Huffington Post, you see journalists saying “oh it’s the guns fault,” “he should have never had a 30 round magazine.” All politicians like to posture after a national event and when someone shoots up a place the first thing politicians on any side will say is “lets ban this and that.” You don’t hear them say “lets ensure people deemed a threat to society can’t get guns” now do you?

Glock 33rd Magazines

People in this country are all too willing to be sheep but it’s especially obvious after a national “tragedy.” People knew beforehand that 30 round magazines existed but they didn’t see a problem with them until the posturing politician and overzealous reporters say they’re bad. Yes taking away 30+ round magazines would stop creeps from using them but when you can reload a 10 round magazine in under 3 seconds is it really going to stop a threat from shooting up a place? The answer is no. People should be more afraid that there are assholes out there with mental problems and disorders slipping through the current restrictions and purchasing firearms rather than being afraid of the firearm.

Like it or not the Constitution of the country says that all Americans have the right to own firearms. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of that Amendment as well. Firearms are here to stay so banning guns or parts of guns is just political posturing and bullshit so what we should be doing is banning nut jobs from getting guns. Firearms in this country are meant as a defense from the government and taking them away would allow the government to walk all over you more than they do now. They wouldn’t have to fear the populous starting a revolt because what would we revolt with? Taking guns away from us also takes the fear away that a criminal has when breaking into your home. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens and stable people is never the solution to the problem at hand.

Author: James

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  • The Armchair Patriot

    I agree with what you have to say 100%. I recently posted something along these lines, just not as in depth lol. There should be some type of mental illness check. If criminals and crazies can't buy guns, then very few crimes will occur with legal guns. One thing I do think is that the people need to be organized into a militia. That doesn't mean a National Guard, just a Militia made up of gun owners just like the Constitution calls for. That would replace these so called "State Guards."

    In return I think machine guns and short barreled rifles should be deregulated and the ATF abolished.

    • Owner

      Thank you for your comment! I had to go in depth with this post as I was becoming furious at the reporters who kept pushing the “ban guns” stories. I agree with you on the militia. I think it should be a much easier process than it is to organize a militia and keep it operational. I think the Michigan Militia had to disband for a time being due to cost issues and an area needed to train. The “State Guard” is a joke in my opinion and if you join the national guard it entitles you to nothing more than what a civilian has. Militias would give the citizen an option to defend their land and their land alone without signing an 8 year contract to the federal government.

      If they let machine guns loose with the current system in place we’ll never see our guns again lol. The first crazy to buy a 240B and take it to work would end it all for us. They need to fix and fund the current database to include mentally disturbed people and more felons.

      Again Thank you for your comment it is greatly appreciated.