More Shootings Or Is The Media Going Anti Gun?


In the wake of the Tucson shooting there have been calls by many in the media for increased gun regulations but there are also more shootings making the news. Is it just a coincidence that after a “major” shooting and calls for increased gun control that gun violence is on the rise or is the media trying to sway public opinion to support increased gun legislation? Frankly the only reason politicians are entertaining the idea of increased gun control is because one of their “own” was wounded. Otherwise they wouldn’t give two shits. Having a politician shot has given them the opportunity to pander to the public and we all know they like talking about themselves and how they can relate to you.

I hear a lot of people on the social media sites like Twitter saying “OMG another shooting” or “more cops shot in Florida” and if you read or watch the news you’d think that people are shooting more and more people than ever before. Here in the real world we know that shootings are not on the rise but the coverage of shootings are. I did a recent search and found 5 articles about 5 separate shootings in the past week and all of them involved cops being shot or killed. I read Reuters every day and never have I seen this many shooting articles. Cops are under fire everyday and you often don’t hear about it so why are we now? Here are the recent shooting articles I found.

  1. Gunman Barricaded In Florida Home Kills Two Police
  2. Person of interest arrested in Indiana police shooting
  3. Gunman Wounds Four In Detroit Police Shooting
  4. Wal-mart Shooting near Seattle Leaves 2 Dead and 2 Sheriffs Deputies Wounded
  5. Florida Police Officer Killed In Shooting

The media hasn’t had anything “newsworthy” to talk about recently so they’re focusing on an issue that sparks debate in America and it gets people to read. The anti-gun articles that litter Huffington Post are the most commented on currently with some garnering several thousand comments. Most of the articles are essentially written to insight irritation in pro-gun supporters because they are not factual nor possible. Banning guns in this country is unconstitutional Arianna so stop bringing it up! The problem is the media is playing a part in getting the people to conform to the idea of increased gun control and I honestly think it’s on purpose. They’re running so many articles on shootings its insane. It’s almost as stupid as doing a story on every fatal car crash in America.

Once the media grabs a hold of something it takes something just as drastic to draw their attention away. I’m hoping the State of the Union address will do that but then again Huffington Post ran an article on how Obama might include gun control in his speech. It’s never going to happen but they ran it anyway. Using instances like all of these police shootings to justify more gun control does not make sense. Felons don’t go to the gun store to buy their guns nor can they. One of the shootings that happened today was while police and a U.S. Marshall were serving a felony warrant yet the suspect had a gun to open fire with. Do you think he purchased that legally? Gun control only affects those who have followed the law it will never stop a criminal from getting one. It will instead make smuggling illegals guns into this country an even bigger business than it already is.

The question is are people buying what the media is spewing? Sadly they are according to recent polls which show an overwhelming amount of people demanding more restrictions. While most only support enhancing the current system to include more felons and mentally-impaired people some are in favor of banning any magazine that is over a 10rd capacity. I’ve stated in my previous post that banning the size of the magazine will not do anything to reduce shootings. When the attention dies down from the Arizona shooting and the other reported shootings it is likely that most gun laws will remain the same. What pisses me off so much though is how quickly people are willing to throw away the Constitution the minute the media ramps up coverage of something. Yes the shooting of innocent people is terrible but once you’re willing to get rid of one of your Constitutional rights you better be ready to give them all up.

Author: James

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  • @NeenahBoo2

    Matt, thanks for sharing that link. It's a perfect example of how the media likes to manipulate these circumstances. Thank god the civilian was armed and was able to shoot those bastards!

  • Matt

    a massacre you didn’t hear about.

    Why wasn’t there ANY media coverage of this?

    • Owner

      Thank you for the awesome link! It proves that the media loves long drawn out and bloody shootings where no one wins but discards a story of a true hero. It also proves that the media is generally anti firearms to the point that they neglect truly good stories involving weapons, where live are only saved because of a gun, and replace it with shit "stories".