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Congressional approval continues to remain near record lows with most polling agencies showing approval at 13%. November is looking pretty bleak for those occupying the capital.
The American system of Democracy has had a one way ticket to destruction since the adoption of the two party system and that point is abundantly clear now. Since the Republican landslide victory in the 2010 elections both sides have been locked in heated battles over what party has the better ideas and nothing is getting done.

Policies are being held up not because they are good or bad for the American public but rather because the bill is labeled Democrat or Republican. Republicans are trying to re-brand themselves as conservative on every single issue so that the Tea Party focuses on blasting Democrats. In doing so the Republicans have introduced bill after bill that would send American policy back 100 years and Democrats are struggling to find the numbers to block those bills. The heated exchanges taking place on Capitol Hill have nothing to do with what is in the best interests of you and I but rather what is best for either party. It’s a gigantic pissing contest and we’re the ones being pissed on.

Since our inception America has had two dominant parties and it has led to more internal conflict than anything else in our history. Having only two parties in a nation of over 300 million seems a bit crazy and it is. The populous is forced to choose between the lesser of two evils in the hopes that one will be able to get the other party to compromise more. Nothing ever gets passed in Congress without compromise and why should we be forced to compromise? Being forced to compromise is key to International diplomacy but why should we compromise on the betterment of our nation? We shouldn’t. I shouldn’t have to be OK with a bill that includes something party X cares deeply about because it includes something I think should be passed. It should simply be based on what is better for the citizens of this country as a whole rather than what is best for one political party’s particular base.

The Republican base is statistically conservative Christians and since all politicians fear not being re-elected they try to appease their base by forcing Democrats to compromise on bills that are laden with Christian ideals. This continually pits both sides against one another on every issue they want passed. If Democrats shoot down a Republican bill because it does not fit the Democratic idea of what is good for this nation then the Republicans will swing in later to block one of their bills. It’s these silly games that ensure that progress crawls along at the speed of AOL dial-up. Think of it like your friend saying he/she won’t go somewhere with you because they think its stupid. What do you do to get them back? The next idea they propose you tell them is stupid and you won’t do it. We’ve all done it. It’s not the best for your friendship and it certainly isn’t best for running a country.

There will never be a day that the two parties can get along on policy as again they’re afraid of upsetting their base. What’s the alternative then? Democracy in itself is incredibly inefficient and the only way to make it more efficient is to downsize. Before you call me a Socialist or Communist please read the definition of them both. Having a one party system would eliminate the bickering and the fear of the “base” and if worked correctly it could ensure that no bill is passed that isn’t for the good of everyone and not just what one party or another thinks is good for everyone. A one party system is truly the only way the United States, as big as it is, can govern and pass up-to-date bills effectively.

The constant swings of power from one party to another and the eventual repeal of previously approved bills isn’t getting us anywhere. Electing officials who don’t associate with one party or one party’s base and rather associate with what is better for this nation would radically change how well our government operates and how happy we are as people. How do you ensure that they are for what’s best for America? Simple. If their approval rating drops below 50% for a period of 6 months or more you pick a new candidate who will actually do what they said. If politicians had to fear for their job every few months rather than years do you think they’d toss things into bills that are tied to their personal feelings rather than what you the voter wants?

Politicians work for us yet they walk all over us. Most lie to us so that they can get into office and once they do they don’t do what the majority of the voters want. They do what they will garner them the most campaign funding. Instead of politicians forcing us to compromise on key issues and getting stuck with crap we don’t want as a whole we should force them into doing what’s best for America. Like it or not you know the current system is not working and while my idea may be radical it’s certainly not as bad as the way things are going now. Change scares many of us but when things haven’t changed since 1776, and our ideals have I’d say its about damn time we propose a radically new American Democracy.

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