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As I’m sure you’ve noticed My Bloggity Blog looks completely different than it did about a week ago. This post is to explain some of the newer features of the site to those of you who may be trying to get a grip on the new layout.

The main difference with the new layout is that you’re not bogged down with text before finding the article you want to read. The newest post is typically featured at the top and the most recent six posts are below. Of course you can still find all of the other articles by either clicking the appropriate category or entering the keywords into the search area.

Next up is the added email subscription service. This service is located on the homepage and allows you to have new posts delivered to your email. It won’t send you spam and it won’t even send you a pesky newsletter. Just the posts. I encourage all of you to sign up for it.

The next thing that you may notice within some posts is the replacement of the *UPDATE* for a snazzier update box.

Click here for Updates

This of course will contain all of the new information for the relevant post

You simply click the box and all of the most recent information on that particular post will be instantly available. This feature will not be seen on every post.

The next feature is located at the top right within posts. Clicking the Share icon will cause the following to appear.This allows you to share the post or send it to your friends as well as anyone whom you feel would be interested. Quick and simple.

One of my favorite new additions thanks to this theme is the following. It will allow me to provide you with added information that wouldn’t flow in the post but saves you from doing a google search. You may see tabs at the bottom of a post with either text or images in them and sometimes both. This was most recently used at the bottom of the post HERE

This will provide you with extra information on some of the topics within an article.
Some of the tabs will automatically switch to the next after a certain amount of time like these while others will require you to click on them.

Last but not least is the new location of the Related Posts links. Previously the related posts were located at the bottom of the article however they can now be found on the right hand side at the bottom of the sidebar. This addition was simply to avoid interference with other features of the theme but it is more practical. The posts are now arranged by relevance to the article you’re on and this feature only appears when you’re within a single post.

With the addition of the new theme several areas have been updated on the site including the Combat Fatalities, About Me, and the Legal page. I hope you continue to enjoy the site as well as the new theme.

If you have any questions at all on the new theme or you have encountered a problem please leave a comment here and I will address it as soon as possible.



Author: James

I am the owner and main author of My Bloggity Blog. I started this blog on a whim and it grew faster than I ever imagined. I seriously enjoy debating politics and foreign policy as I'm sure you've noticed but I also enjoy a wide array of other things that I try to include here.

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  • Alex

    Nice website, and great layout!

    • Owner

      Thank you!

  • Cora

    I love the new layout. The blue color is gorgeous. This post was a great idea.

  • @NeenahBoo2

    The new blog layout looks great James. Nice work!