Human Rights Groups Keep Bush In States


What Are You Gonna Do?

Human rights activists have essentially detained George W. Bush inside the United States by vowing to bring criminal charges against him whenever he travels outside the country. The same human rights groups had planned to have Bush indicted in a Swiss court when he arrived in Geneva to speak at a Jewish charity event but the trip was canceled. The official reason for cancellation was due to security concerns however it seems as if the former president feared he might not escape prison if he entered the country. That didn’t stop the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights from issuing what they called a preliminary “indictment” to prosecute Bush abroad for the alleged torture of terrorism suspects in U.S. custody.

“This document is not intended to serve as a comprehensive presentation of all evidence against Bush for torture; rather, it presents the fundamental aspects of the case against him, and a preliminary legal analysis of liability for torture, and a response to certain anticipated defenses,” it read.

The 42 page indictment is rapidly adaptable to any particular case of torture brought about and is also able to be submitted in practically any country according to the activists. They allege that Bush defied the Geneva Conventions statute on torture, as well as American policy, by using “enhanced” interrogation methods that included water-boarding. The alleged torture took place with the CIA at the helm but Bush did sign off on it and that is when he committed a crime.

Katherine Gallagher, senior staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, said that this was their way of putting Dubya on “notice.” She added that there were rumors that Bush was going to travel to Canada in October and that they would strike there as well. Since no President will ever order the investigation into another Bush will never stand trial inside the United States and Bush even went a step further to prevent prosecution. Shortly before leaving office Bush implemented so called “blanket immunity” which prevents him and his cohorts from being tried in a court of law. The law, which was tied to an update of the War Crimes Act, ensured that Bush’s entire administration couldn’t be tried for any crimes dating as far back as September 11th 2001.

Since Swiss law requires an alleged torturer to be on Swiss soil before a preliminary investigation can be opened the groups decided not to lodge their complaint in Geneva. They said it would have been on behalf of two torture victims at Guantanamo Bay. While I think the group actually wants to prosecute him for his crimes they made one huge mistake; they told him. Its like the FBI calling a suspect an hour before they raid the house. What they should have done is kept their mouth shut until he landed in Geneva and filed there complaint then. Putting him on notice has done nothing but keep him in the only country he can’t be tried in. I still think it’s hilarious that in his memoirs he defended the “torture” while admitting to approving torture. No wonder he granted himself a lifetime pardon. I’m shocked that this country and the Supreme Court have let a man who admitted to violating treaties that we ratified as well as granting himself immunity go without a trial of some kind.

Source: Reuters

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