Is Mubarak Near Death?


Several sources are claiming that former Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak went into a coma shortly after boarding a plane to flee Egypt. The reports say that he was flown to a hospital in Baden, Germany instead of his resort in the Red Sea. The report was also confirmed earlier by Bahrain daily Al Wasat who indicated that just prior to leaving for his resort in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Mubarak became comatose. The Examiner also notes that before delivering his finial speech on Egyptian television Mubarak fainted and that is why their was a delay between the announcement of his final speech and and his actual appearance much later.

Last year Mubarak was in Germany for gall bladder surgery and he did not recover well at all. People close to the former 82 year old Dictator said that after the surgery he looked like a corpse. The Examiner says that they also learned that he suffered from terminal cancer as well. Israeli French-language magazine named JSS News confirmed that Mubarak was in a German hospital and on death’s door. The Obama Administration is either unaware of his condition or pretending not to know as an official told a Washington Post reporter that they believed he was at his Sharm el-Sheikh residence.

The Germans also strongly deny that he is receiving care in Germany.

“He’s not in Germany, and he’s not on his way,” Steffen Seibert, the chief spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said Sunday night, according to the Post. “This is a new round of rumors. There is absolutely no information that we have about this, and it would require him a visa to come here. So presumably we would know.”

This raises the question where in the world is Mubarak? If he’s not in Germany, his resort, Egypt or Switzerland where did he go? His plane had to land somewhere and I doubt the now infamous dictator could go anywhere without attracting attention. Some have raised suspicion at all of the varied news reports saying that they’re meant to confuse those who’re now looking for his assets. Many European banks, namely the Swiss, have frozen and seized his assets since he fled Egypt. The United States and the UK have refused to follow suit. Most of his acquired wealth was stolen from the people of Egypt and his total personal wealth is estimated to be in the area of $40 billion. What do you think? Is Mubarak near death or is he kicking it on his private island sipping a mojito and bathing in cash?

Sources: The Examiner, JSS News(Israeli and French), CBS News, TOI

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