Republicans Are Pro Rape


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Demonstrating The New Way To Abort Your Rape Baby

Yea that’s right I said it. If you thought America couldn’t get any worse then clearly you’re unaware of what Republicans are capable of. Republicans are currently pushing a bill that will considerably limit when the Federal Government pays for an abortion and it goes even further to redefine rape. Under this new legislation introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) with 173 political supporters, mainly Republicans, it would cut funding for women who’re drugged, raped and become pregnant. Federal funding that is in place now to help women abort rape and incest babies would disappear and force the woman to pay out of pocket. Republicans clearly missed the separation of church and state clause in the Constitution and they will attempt to brainwash you into agreeing with this obviously religious bill.

Over 18 and raped by your father who impregnates you? Too fucking bad. Republicans want to cut all funding for incest related abortions for those over 18. I guess Republicans would rather you have a disfigured and mentally ill child than abort it. This “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion” act is an abomination yet 173 politicians have co sponsored it and newly minted House Speaker John Boehner called it a top priority for the new Congress. Notice he said Congress and not the people for which he works. If this bill is passed it will not only limit federal funding for abortions but it will also drastically redefine rape.

With this legislation Republicans propose that the rape exemption be limited to “forcible rape.” So if your underage daughter is raped by a 30 year old that’s just to bad because often times that does not fall under “forcible.” Statutory rape would be nonexistent. Medicaid would deny the parents application for an abortion as well and the parents would be stuck paying out of pocket for the abortion and the rape baby. This would also make it much harder for the parents to get a restraining order against the man since he didn’t commit a crime under this new legislation. The parents wouldn’t even be allowed to use a tax-exempt health savings account (HSA).

“This bill takes us back to a time when just saying ‘no’ wasn’t enough to qualify as rape,” says Steph Sterling, a lawyer and senior adviser to the National Women’s Law Center. The Smith Act also uses unclear language that would allow other areas of coverage to be revoked. Some of the other types of rapes that would no loger be covered include,

  • If she were drugged and raped
  • If she had to much alcohol and was raped
  • Date rape
  • Women who are mentally ill and raped

Laurie Levenson, a former assistant US attorney and expert on criminal law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, says that the bill hasn’t been carefully constructed. The term “forcible rape” is not defined in the federal criminal code, and the bill’s authors don’t offer their own definition. Many states do not have a “forcible rape” clause on the books so it is unclear if any rapes would be covered by the rape exemption. That means that if a woman is forcibly raped and impregnated even then she wouldn’t be allowed to abort thanks to Republicans.

Some even believe that this bill would end private insurance coverage of abortions.

Susan Cohen, the director of governmental affairs for the pro-abortion-rights Guttmacher Foundation, argued in a policy brief this fall that “the Smith bill would go…into uncharted territory” by preventing employers from taking a tax deduction for offering an insurance plan that covered abortion. (Like most other benefits, health insurance costs are generally tax-deductible for employers.) Analysts at NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion rights advocacy groups, agree. According to abortion-rights advocates, Smith’s bill would create a huge incentive for employers to only offer health insurance that doesn’t cover abortion. Insurers would respond to what their customers wanted, and the percentage of health plans offering abortion coverage—currently 86 percent—would undoubtedly plummet. Source: Mother Jones

Republicans have just gained power and they’re already seeking to destroy the nation and defy the Supreme Court. There used to be a truce of sorts between parties that left abortion rights stand as long as the Federal government didn’t pay for anything else not covered in the 1976 ruling. Clearly Republicans are trying desperately to become more conservative to steal some of the Tea Party’s growing thunder. If this bill is approved it will set the country back about 100 years and put us on the same level as many third world African nations. The GOP is clearly forcing its religious values upon this nation and the country ignores this blatant abuse of power. Last time I checked Republicans cheat on their wives all the time so if this passes I hope we see a parade of out of wedlock children and their mistresses who couldn’t abort thanks to these douche bags.

Hey Obama if you don’t veto this then go fuck yourself and how old are your daughters again?

Source: Mother Jones

Author: James

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  • Josie

    Only ONE percent of abortions are from rape/incest cases

    • Owner

      That may be true however Republicans still wish to prevent those who are raped/incest victims from getting an abortion. I'd be fine with cutting the funding and support if the number of rape/incest cases drops to 0% but it's not and never will.

  • Poop

    fyi you don't get a disfigured or mentally ill child from incest. that is a myth. do your research

    • Owner

      I don't fuck my cousin so I wouldn't know(Which is funny because she was all over me).

  • Cora

    This is a great post. Though the bill is disgusting your writing is wonderful. I love your photo caption and your last sentence. I am so shocked that there are over one hundred Republicans that support this possible law. Perhaps GOP should now stand for "God Over Public Health." I am at a lost of words.