Will You Be Buying An iPad 2?


Will you be rushing out on March 2nd to get your hands on the iPad 2, a product that is already obsolete thanks to the rumors of the iPad 3? There is no question that after Apple’s over hyped event their pre-order sales of the new iPad will skyrocket past the competitions abysmal tablet sales but in this instance Apple may have undersold the iPad 2. As usual Apple teases us with very few clues in their invites to the press but thanks to “unnamed” sources who inevitably produce the iPad or its parts we already know what the iPad 2 will have. When it comes to Apple rumors, ones they probably start, the rumors turn out to be true. I currently have an iPad 16gb WIFI only model and I find myself wondering why anyone would run out for a new one?

Yes I know my iPad will be considered lame by all of the Apple fans who think the addition of a camera and/or a FaceTime camera is everything. I however cherish my iPad and don’t let it out of my sight and since it is faster than my HP Mini laptop that I’m typing on right now I don’t see a reason for me to get a new one for at least another year or more. In the months that I have used the iPad I have only discovered one flaw that Apple is allegedly going to fix with the iOS 4.3 update and its not a huge problem. Sure my WIFI craps out after putting the device to sleep or reading a long article but its not freezing or crashing like my Windows computer. That’s my one irritation with the device but in all honesty the problem lies with the company who refuses to fix a simple problem. Those of you who don’t have an iPad currently should certainly hold out for the iPad 2 but for those of us who were early adopters it makes no sense.

The Apple rumor mill has informed us all that the iPad 2 will have the following additions.

  1. A rear facing camera
  2. A FaceTime camera
  3. A slightly higher resolution screen
  4. It will be lighter
  5. It will be faster
  6. It won’t have a metal back
  7. And finally an SD slot

These additions all sound awesome to those who have not snatched up one of the 15 million iPads sold but with reports of a surprise iPad 3 slated for a fall release should they continue to hold out? While it would be highly unusual for Apple to release two of the same products in the same year it does make sense considering the huge influx of Android tablets now entering the market. Many of the tech blogs are saying that the iPad 2 is essentially the iPhone 3Gs and the iPad 3 will be a completely new tablet or say the iPhone 4. We all know Apple never confirms anything and so this could all just be additional hype to get you to read iPad articles, like this one.

Coming from an iPad owner and lover I’d suggest that those of you who don’t currently have an iPad should do your research on the iPad 2 and rumored iPad 3 to ensure that if you do buy the iPad 2 you won’t be disappointed in a few months. I personally want to hide under a rock for the next few months as Apple has this genius way of making you want to toss your old product in the garbage even if it’s one of theirs. I’d just hate to be suckered into all of this iPad 2 hype just to be kicked in the nuts by Apple a few months later.

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If you were one of those unlucky people to have purchased an iPad within the last two weeks then you’re in luck. No Apple isn’t taking your iPad back for a refund but if you do take your receipt in they will give you $100 back. It’s not an iPad 2 but it’s a 100 dollars cheaper :) Apple say’s the process is simple and quick.

Author: James

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  • Neenah

    I currently own an iPad and love it! I use it a lot more than my Dell Studio 17 HD laptop. I do not have any desire to run out and purchase an iPad2, or iPad3 for that matter. Luckily I'm not tempted by any of the new additions being offered. My iPad1 is perfect. I only have one gripe with my iPad and that is to bring back the screen lock. It drives me crazy to see my screen swirling around when I move it. Other than that it's a gem =)

    • Owner

      Well I think its safe to say that you and I are in a different boat than the rest of the world, or thats at least how the media is making it seem.

      BTW For screen lock you double tap the home button and swipe the multitasking bar to the right to expose an arrow going in a circle. Just tap that and your screen is locked.

      • Neenah

        WHAT???? hahahaha I've been suffering all this time with "the spins" and that's all I had to do to lock my screen? *shakes fist* lol

        • Owner

          Yep! I believe there was a mini uproar about the screen lock button issue but it must have missed your corner of the world :P

          • Neenah

            Well, thanks to you peace has now been restored in my spinning iPad world :)

            I owe you one.