Pressure Mounts As Radiation Rises


The Japanese nuclear power plant that has been in serious trouble since the massive earthquake and tsunami is coming under more scrutiny as the situation has gotten worse. Radiation levels outside of the current 20km evacuation zone have been rising to unsafe levels and the government continues to refuse its expansion. Radiation in water that was pumped to cool the reactor has reportedly been radiated to over 4,000 times the legal limit and radiated water has even been discovered in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the plant. TEPCO, the plant’s operator, says it has no idea how the water in the Pacific has become radiated. The company had also failed to mention to its employees working in the plant how radiated the water was and several had to be hospitalized as a result. With things seemingly worse nearly 3 weeks after the disaster one has to wonder what the hell is going on?

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Japanese authorities should consider expanding the zone beyond its current 20km (12 mile) radius after high levels of radiation were detected at a village about twice that distance from the plant.
Even the United States has advised its citizens to stay at least 80km away from the area but Japanese officials are only advising those within 20 to 30km to stay in their homes. Some have said that the plant may not stabilize for months so is it safe for those outside the current evacuation zone to stay in an area with little supplies?

High levels of radiation and continued fears of higher levels have prevented officials from collecting around 1,000 bodies of those who died in the March 11 disaster. Kyodo News cited police as saying that the bodies had been exposed to high amounts of radiation and couldn’t be collected until they were decontaminated.

The IAEA reported that it had measured levels of radiation 40km away that would normally prompt the United Nations to order evacuations. If the key expert on nuclear energy and safety is saying that the evacuation zone should be expanded you’d think the Japanese would be jumping on it. However they continue to exert their pride and tell anyone who will listen that they have the situation under control and that they’re open to all options. They shouldn’t be open to all options; they should be putting every option into action. When their peoples lives are at stake they should at the very least expand the evacuation zone.

American media are currently reporting that low levels of radiation are now being found in milk on the west coast. This follows reports that radiation from the Japanese plant were found in small amounts in Boston’s water supply. These types of incidents were once brushed off as highly improbable but now reports are popping up all over the United States. It is likely that every American will take in small amounts of radiation from this incident. Nuclear safety officials said that the rising radiation contamination means a constant leak in one of the reactors. 140 American military nuclear experts are currently on their way to the plant to help aid the TEPCO workers.

The situation is truly out of control and I’m sick of the Japanese and TEPCO refusing to tell everyone what is happening. The continued denial of facts and varying reports by Japanese officials on radiation levels are causing many to wonder if a cover up is underway. With many questions going unanswered the scrutiny on the plants operator has risen dramatically. The president of TEPCO was recently hospitalized for high blood pressure of all things. I wonder how high the blood pressure is in the people living in the areas that are being radiated but not evacuated? Even if this doesn’t get any worse I think this will not only go down as the second worse nuclear disaster ever but the worst in terms of emergency management.

My Fukushima Live Blog Source: Guardian Indian Express Source: SF Gate

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  • Poppy

    When this nuclear disaster first occurred my biggest fear was contamination of our food chain. Some thought I was over reacting stating radiation would never reach the United States. Well, guess what folks…. and unfortunately the worst of this is not over yet. In fact since the big aftershock on 4/11/11 another nuclear facility in Japan (not Fukushima) is now also leaking radiation.