Legally Dead Chicago Man Found Alive After 25 Years


A Chicago commodities broker who went missing in May 1979 has been found alive and well in the city of Las Vegas. Arthur Gerald Jones, a father of three, was declared legally dead in 1986 after disappearing when he ran out of money to pay gambling debts. He lost $30,000 on one basketball match and is said to have had ties to organized crime. The family claims that after his disappearance they never heard from him but now that he’s alive I’m sure the mob will be wanting to say hello.

Jones who is now 72 is in quite a bit of trouble from his little stunt. He was promptly arrested and has been charged with crimes including fraud, burglary and indentity theft. The identity theft was what wound up putting him behind bars. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles recieved a tip about fraudulent use of Jones’ use of a social security number belonging to Joseph Richard Sandelli. Under that name Jones had been arrested several times including while using the alias “Richard Lage.” In Las Vegas he had been working as a successful bookmaker for about a decade. It seems he’d do anything to avoid being tied to his old self. Jones even got a new girlfriend and they have been happily together for 22 years.

We’ve been together 22 years, and he’s been very loving and respectful to me and my family. And I love him. And everything’s fine.

Jones, who is currently out on bail, told prosecutors that he “left in 1979 without telling anyone and has to date made no contact with anyone from his past”. His former wife who has since remarried has not made any public comments to date but after abandoning the entire family I doubt she’d have anything kind to say. What’s really interesting is that he was allowed out on bail. I mean the guy spent the last 25 years avoiding the law and his debts by using a fake identity yet they let him walk out of the courthouse on $20,000 bail. That’s 2/3 of a basketball game to him so it will be interesting to see if he shows up for his August 23 court date.

Source: Business Insider

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