Can The Right Wing Really Be This Dumb?


We haven‘t seen Chimpy Obama’s real birth certificate. The ones he put out are all proven fake.

The above quote is one of many, over 200, that I found on an article in which Chris Matthews is criticizing Presidential candidate Rick Perry and insinuating that he has a lot of skeletons in his closet. The article goes on to to say that Matthews is likely afraid that Perry may have an actual chance of beating Obama in 2012 which at this point looks light years away rather than months. The article was bad enough but the comments that followed infuriated me not just because of the content but because of the lack of content. While the comments ranged from racist to incoherent not one of them actually managed to attack Obama on real issues and those that touched on some were only laden with hate.

To me it seems that the right wing is infuriated that Obama won against an old warhorse, John McCain, and hasn’t been impeached yet. They want him impeached but can’t give actual reasons for his impeachment that are supported by law. The only time there was grounds for impeachment in recent history was under the George W. Bush administration but the right wing has erased those years from memory. Somewhere in the last few years this segment of the American people has come out of hiding, or had their implanted chips activated, and are now spewing hate out of every hole. The Tea Party says that they started under the Bush administration because of the bailouts but I hand’t heard of them until last year and apparently much of the Tea Partiers hadn’t either. The election of a half black man seems to have gotten them a bit more vocal.

Hey Chris, if a so-called guy (pansy) like you who gets a thrill up your leg when referencing the muslim brotha in the Whitehouse can stay in the kitchen, rest assured a real man from Texas can and will take the heat and then some bucko!

I agree that a Texas man can take the heat of the White House Kitchen because if you’ve been to Texas recently it’s quite hot. Unlike literally every news agency out there I won’t make a fully formed opinion on Rick Perry yet because its early in the game. Commentors on the Blaze article feel he is the saving grace for America and they could be right but I think most of them are supporting him because he’s a “true American” in their mind and not a “Kenyan.”

Good thing BS-MSNBC saved up all their nickels & dimes NOT investigating Obama or his corrupt administration so they can spend it on investigating the Republicans LMAO

The above quote didn’t come with any evidence to support the theory that the Obama administration is corrupt nor did the person prove that no money was spent investigating Obama. Now I know some of you will just say that it is commentary but from actually speaking with these people they actually believe it. Considering the average age of the Tea Party is over 50, assumption, they get a lot of forwards from their old friends and they always take them at face value. They don’t need or want facts they just want Obama out. So insinuating or down right accusing him of being corrupt is all they need.

Why didn’t the conservative press & TV shows investigate the commie, marxist Obama and all his best buddies who are anti-American, terrorists, blew up a bldg. in NY and now teach in college? All his liberal, communist, socialist friends seem to get a pass from these sniveling types like Chris Matthews
They must want to crush America for some idiot reason, don’t they realize they will pay in the end?

I love that they call Obama a Communist and a Marxist, almost the same thing, but the icing on the cake is calling the Commander in Chief a terrorist. The American people, like me, saw the commercials that tried to link Obama to Bill Ayers but they elected him anyway because the smear campaign didn’t work. If Obama was a real Communist then we’d have universal healthcare like the rest of the civilized world not to mention he pulled off the military coup pretty well without any military experience of his own. Of course now that Obama is the President and “has no record to speak of” they, the Right, criticize Obama for blaming others and starting a smear campaign of his own which I have not seen. The right likes to call Obama a Socialist, Communist/Marxist all the time but they’re right in their minds and when they get called out for being a racist hate mongering group its just the “lame stream medias” propaganda machine.

You see how the enemy thinks. Isnt time to start fighting back? Why cant fox or Breitbart just report the known obvious criminality of Obama? Gutless!

This was what was truly frightening to me. Instead of thinking of the other side as political foes or people with a different idea they are labeled as the enemy. What do you do to an enemy? This person feels that Obama has committed criminal acts and he lists a few.

Start with Fast and furious. Start with real estate ftraud. Staart with blago and the selling of a senate seat. Connections to racists. Role in Housing debacle, acorn, comoonity reinvestment act. How about starting with the freaking birth certificate fraud and coverup. Start with social security number, status as a student at occidental. Or maybe just find his grades and scholarly work?? I guess our side has abopyt 25 cents to spend investigating Obama from the results so far. gutless.

While Obama still won’t release his college transcripts I can attack some of these points below.

  • United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald noted that there had been no evidence of wrongdoing by Obama in the attempted selling of his Senate seat by Rod Blagojevich.
  • Obama released his birth certificate after Trump made an issue of it. It can be viewed here. There is no evidence to support a cover up.
  • There is no evidence to support the case that Obama is tied to racists unless you count Glen Beck as a source.
  • While the “Fast and Furious” debacle with the ATF is still unraveling so far there has been no concrete ties of the program to Obama except for stimulus funding to the ATF that was to be used for “gun tracing” programs. I’m sure he didn’t mean gun running programs but I’ll let Congress sort that out.
  • The housing debacle started during the Bush administration and was at its lowest point under GWB. In 2008 alone, the United States government allocated over $900 billion to special loans and rescues related to the US housing bubble.
  • He asks for Obama’s social security number to be released publicly but no President has had their SSN released publicly. They are however listed for the deceased.

The grades are really the only issue that they can take a stand with and as Obama has shown with the release of his birth certificate nothing will stop the conspiracy theories. Hard facts are tossed into the wind for rumors and I still can’t quite understand what it is about Obama that frightens these people so much. George W. Bush went AWOL during his time in the National Guard but if you ask Republicans and Tea Partiers they will tell you that he was more pro military than Obama. How does that work? Where was the Tea Party then?

The United States is an amazing place where people of all types can speak their minds but it is people like the ones quoted above that soil our world standing. The right wing can vehemently deny being racist but as most of their members demonstrate that is far from the case. Racism isn’t the only issue though. The amount of inaccurate information that is used and presented as fact by the right is astounding. The base will never answer questions that are asked of them but they will demand answers in return however the questions they’re asking are pulled out of thin air. The problem that the Tea Party and the right wing face is they’re continually stuck in the rut of falsifying information. The “lame stream” media does a fair job of highlighting this fact but of course it isn’t taken as fact by the right wing masses. We really need to stop this culture of lies and hate and replace it with one of intelligence and understanding.

Quotes via The Blaze

Other Facts Quickly Found Here

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  • KVB

    It amazes me that a group of Rednecks that come from old money can form a sentence, let alone a party. I can't wait until America's informed and educated youth finally come of age and make something 'Right' about the RightWing. Everyone's entitled to a voice, but idiots shouldn't be given a bullhorn.

    • Owner

      "… make something ‘Right’ about the RightWing."

      ^Love that