Cops Beat Unarmed Homeless Man To Death


I’m appauled this morning by the news of a homeless man being beaten to death by six police officers. His crime? Being publicly intoxicated. Those police officers proceeded to tase Mr. Thomas repeatedly, pull his hair, smash his face into the curb and physically hit him until he was unconscious. They then waited over 10 minutes before allowing the ambulance to take him to the hospital where he slipped into a coma and died. Thanks to witnesses who recorded the police and the outraged citizens of Fullerton this injustice has come to light. The viscous attack took place on July 5th but is now receiving national news coverage and the attention of the FBI who is now investigating if Mr. Thomas’ rights were violated. The Blog FullertonsFuture has done a remarkable job of compiling all of information and videos from that night and I will refer you to them for more information on this crime.


The death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man with a mental illness, after an encounter with members of the Fullerton Police Department in California has set off a furor in this Orange County community, amid allegations that six police officers used excessive force to try to quiet Mr. Thomas.

At a City Council meeting this week, hundreds of angry residents assailed their elected officials, calling the Police Department corrupt, demanding the resignation of the police chief and promising to recall several council members. Via the NYTimes

Contact to voice your outrage over this brutal attack by the Fullerton Police Department. Do not let this crime go unpunished.

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  • kenny hurley

    plenty of witnesses,get the facts,then apply the law to the same degree law was broken, if broken.

    • Owner

      Well the law was most certainly broken. With that much excessive forced used it has to be at least a manslaughter charge.