Kim Jong-ils dogs live better than his people and no more dog stew


Can't you just tell this man is absolutely insane?

The phrase, ‘It’s a dog eat dog world’ probably isn’t used too much in North Korea around Kim Jong-il considering his obsession with canines. While the North Korean people continue to die of starvation and lack of medical assistance Kim Jong-il is spending lavishly on his dogs and any other dogs he comes across. 

The Dear Leader who is also famous in North Korea for being the inventor of the hamburger, world’s best golfer who routinely shoots a hole in one five times per game and the world’s largest individual consumer of Hennessey spending more than $700,000 a year to raise his glass to..himself has a soft spot for Spot. So turns out Kim Jong-il spends a over a million dollars a year on his dogs including buying dozens of German Shepherds, Shi Tzus and other pedicree dogs from France and Switzerland each year. He also flies out veterinarians from France and Switzerland regularly at a cost of $10,000 per trip for dog check-ups. And of course come bath time these pooches have only the very best high-end pet shampoo flown in regularly from Europe along with the full time support staff to address their every need including massages.

A North Korean dog market.

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader-in-waiting has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by getting into pedigree dog collecting. Like his father Kim Jung-un is spending hundreds of thousands on his pedigree dogs and reportedly spent several million to build a luxurious kennel on one of his many new properties.

Now dogs aren’t the most popular pet in North Korea largely because the people are starving. Many North Koreans, especially the elderly, keep and breed dogs as their only source of protein. As with many things in this communist country Kim Jong-il’s personal preferences take precedent over the needs of his people. Evidently Kim Jong-il has decided that dogs are too precious to eat and have now outlawed keeping them in the capital after announcing that “eating dog is a barbaric act“. Ironically dog stew, considered a delicacy in most of North Korea at $10 a bowl, use to be one of his favorite foods.

According to a defector who spent years serving the family Kim as a chef often times the dogs enjoy a good steak, shrimp and specially made snacks. So not suprisingly Kim’s dogs eat better than most of Kim’s people.

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