Most Surprising Things We’ve Learned About Libya


Thanks to Wikileaks and the rebel forces we have learned more in the last few months about Libya and it’s previously powerful ruling family than we have in years.

The Colonel has a closeted gay son.

Colonel Gaddafi’s son Al-Saadi is gay and married. Not only did the rebel forces find gay porn DVDs in his residence but after his best friend of 13 years declined his gay sexual advances Saadi had the well-known footballer thrown in prison for two a half years until the rebellion began and he was forced to release him hoping to win his celebrity endorsement of the Gaddafi regime. He did not.

Gaddafi’s sons spent millions to be serenaded.

Beyond paying Mariah Carey $1 million  to sing just four songs the Gaddafi clan has spent $1 million on average to be entertained at private parties by Usher, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Nelly Furtado, Lionel Richie and Jon Bon Jovi.

Gaddafi’s daughter-in-law is a psycho.

Aline Skaf who is married to the Colonel’s son Hannibal was one abusive tyrant to work for and regularly beat and tortured staff. Shweyga Mullah, an Ethiopian nanny to Hannibal’s children was burned twice when she would not beat Aline’s young daughter for crying. Aline did not believe in paying her servants and would cut them with knives and force them to go days without food while demanding they watch the dogs eat.

 Colonel Gaddafi does not sleep with his nurses or bodyguards.

We all assumed it and with good reason but the truth is out. Libya’s former dictator was not screwing around with his many attractive nurses or members of his Amazonian Guard (as his personal 40-strong ground of female bodygrounds was often called by the press). Turns out the Colonel is far too paranoid and never allowed a bodygound or even one of his nurses alone in the room with him. A member of his family typically his wife or daughter was always present in the event of an assassination attempt. It does make sense. After all the man did stay in power for decades. Went down in history as Africa’s longest-reigning leader and had very few security incidents to contend with as he was quite careful. Gaddafi is also a well-known hypochondriac and fairly germaphobic.

Gaddafi considers himself an International problem solver and academic.

The man spent years trying to convince other African leaders to join him to create the United States of Africa. Of course this from a man who believes he alone can solve the Israeli-Palestine conflict – one word, “Isratine”.

 Senator John McCain tried to give Gaddafi weapons and then lied about it.

Just a few years ago in 2009 McCain was the leading voice along with two other Republicans and on Independent who met with Gaddafi and his son to discuss improved military relations between the two countries. According to the minutes of the meeting obtained by WikiLeaks Senator McCain specifically promised Gaddafi’s regime that he would push to deliver the weapons and military aircraft his security forces need to maintain ‘order’ throughout Libya. Yet jump forward two years and John McCain is telling a very different story to Fox News’ Greta van Susteren:

“he [Muammar Qadhafi] has the blood of Americans on his hands as a result of Pan Am 103. He is a person who over time would — if he were able to succeed — would clearly train terrorists and export terrorism.”


Sources: Daily Mail NY Times Politico

Author: James

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  • Mary Nguyen

    When NATO started bombing Libya university friends started talking about whether it was legal to try and kill Gaddafi. According to one guy: "So many opinions on murder, foreign policy, assination, dictatorship…. And Mary wow, i really appreciate your justifications but you may as well join penguins swimming in the oil that the west guzzles and shits out their assess in consumerism… No creative solution in your responses, no movement forward.." However he dies, and by whose hand, it is better that the West gets their grimy little hands on Libya's oil than China. I'm not losing much sleep over murdering murderers.

    I used to think McCain was a nut job then the TEA party came along. When he goes, he'll be just be replaced by somebody wilier, greedier and with even more fucked up values. They will continue to deregulate the private sector and sap the people dry while convincing them that if anything bad happens it's not their fault.

    • Owner

      I personally am irritated that we haven't killed him. Why waste billions when it would only take one well aimed missile? I am strongly opposed to this new era of letting violently oppressive dictators flee their country in order to avoid death at the hands of their own people. I'm thrilled that the West will get its sticky fingers on the oil rather than China especially since China wanted to sell Qaddafi weapons.

      I'm terrified of Michele Bachmann. She truly is a psychopath and her husband who I perceive to be a closeted homosexual who violently opposes gays in every way isn't any better. Politics has gone to shit and the United States is already knee deep in it.

  • Mary Nguyen

    As delusional as he is, Gaddafi probably wouldn't have stayed in power for so long if he wasn't paranoid. I hope somebody throws him into a toilet. It would be funny to see him drown in shit since he's such a huge hypochondriac.

    As for McCain, I am deeply unsurprised to learn that he tried to sell weapons to the Libyans. Not only does he lack the political acumen to win popularity, he can't even pick the right side to root for. Could it be that he is suffering from amnesia?

    • Owner

      I agree with you. His paranoia kept him from being assassinated long ago. I do find it funny that he preached power to the people but was afraid of his people and even his most trusted guards. Maybe the rebels will take up your suggestion and let him fall into a pile of excrement when they string him up.

      McCain is your typical Republican politician. Plays up patriotism and his war record, which is laughable, while trying to make the quickest buck he can from anyone he can. I can't wait until he's no longer in Congress.