When The Zombie Apocalypse Hits Hornady Has You Covered


With Zombies being the latest undead trend it seems everyone has a zombie apocalypse plan but as of yet no firearms or ammunition companies have marketed their tools of the trade to those of us who plan to survive the inevitable onslaught of our grandparents. That has all changed with the introduction of a zombie specific ammo. Hornady has released a cleverly marketed line of ammunition dubbed Zombie Max. It is the ammunition for your grab and go bag or something to leave on the coffee during your Walking Dead marathon. The ammunition was announced conveniently just three days before the season 2 premier of the hit show.

The ammunition comes in a multitude of zombie killing calibers and should be hitting store shelves before the end of this month. It wouldn’t shock me if the supply runs out rather quickly so grab yours while you can. The calibers offered include:

  •  9mm Luger (115gr Z-Max)
  • 40 S&W (165gr)
  • 45 Auto (185gr)
  • 223 Rem (55gr)
  • 7.62×39 (123gr)
  • 308 Win (168gr)
  • and 12 gauge (00 Buck Shot) available around the first of December
While Hornady could have just placed their ads in the typical sportsman’s magazines they chose to bribe their legal department into something a little more flashy. Survival Outdoor Life did a good job of summing up how the conversation probably went between Hornady’s legal department and the marketing team when the marketing team decided they wanted to shoot people zombies.
That disclaimer. Wow. Can you imagine the conversations between Hornady’s marketing department and their legal team leading up to the release of this vid? Legal: “So, let me get this straight. The video is going to show a man shooting other people with this new ammunition offering from Hornady?” Marketing: “No, not other people. Zombies.” Legal: “Oh, well in that case…”
The video below isn’t worse than anything you’d see on an episode of CSI, including Justin Bieber’s shootout, but it is extreme coming from a company that would normally avoid shooting “people” in their ads like the plague.

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  • http://twitter.com/MsCygnus Mary Nguyen

    It's Halloween soon. Maybe they mean to shoot people dressed up as zombies? Packaging looks cool though. I wanna work for them lol

    • Owner

      Hahaha don’t give people ideas! I love the packaging. I am going to have to buy a box or two just for fun.