War On Religion?


With the economy on the rise, the wars ending and with a majority of Americans supporting the legalization of gay marriage the Republican presidential candidates don’t really have much to bash Obama over the head with. For awhile they had Obamacare but with the rise of Mitt Romney that criticism all but died due to his awfully similar state health care mandate. It seems that the GOP was so desperate to hit Obama with criticism that they have resorted to making things up (not that surprising). A new war has been declared by the Obama administration; the war on religion.

This so called war on religion is Obama’s new stratagey to turn the United States into a Communist, or Socialist depending on who you talk to, nation. Everyone of the candidates, save for Ron Paul, has gone down this road of attacking Obama’s lack of faith and how he wants to force all of religion into an Obama approved zone. The problem with this new strategy is that the Obama administration isn’t waging the war, he’s funding the war against him.

Obama’s recent decision to force employers to give their female employees options when it comes to birth control is going way too far in the eyes of Republicans. According to Newt Gingrich, Obama supports infanticide which is a fancy term for killing babies that survive an abortion and catholics in general are furious because Obama refused to renew a contract with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to provide services for human trafficking victims because the group refused to provide referrals for contraception and abortion to sexual assault victims.

That little requirement to make institutions associated with religious groups offer their female employees contraceptive options was rescinded from the measure. You don’t hear any Republican telling you that fact nor do you hear them telling anyone who will listen that religious charities have received hundreds of millions of dollars in Obama approved bailouts. The Catholics have gotten well over $650 million alone and a group that will be testifying on Capitol Hill to rally against Obama’s war on religion has gotten over $80 million throughout Obama’s tenure. Have you ever heard of anyone funding their enemies during a time of war? Neither have I.

For the most part President Obama has walked the exact same path that George W. Bush blazed years ago and the few times he has strayed from the path was to open new doors for religious organizations.

Obama has followed in Bush’s footsteps in other ways, too. In 2009, he surprised and dismayed some supporters by putting Alexia Kelley, an anti-abortion Catholic, in charge of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the HHS, where she oversees the distribution of more than $20 million in grants to religious groups.

The issue Obama faces is that this is a blind issue to many Americans. The far right that the Republican presidential candidates are trying to appease don’t necessarily care about the facts nor are they willing to bring up the so far shunned George W. Bush’s policies that Obama is following because his approval ratings were far worse than Obama’s. Anyone who watched the Arizona CNN debate with John King could hear the crowd hoot and holler at the mere mention of “Obama’s war on religion” and John King did a terrible job at trying to get the career liars to back up their accusations. Even if he were successful we’d just see a repeat of the rhetoric.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney called the Obama administration’s decision to have all health plans cover contraception for women an “attack on religious conscience.”

“I don’t think we’ve seen in the history of this country the kind of attack on religious conscience, religious freedom, religious tolerance that we’ve seen under Barack Obama,” the candidate explained.

I could literally write for days about the stupid that is flowing out of the Republican camps and the base that is thriving for more Obama “controversy”, but this war on religion is the only thing that has taken hold and doesn’t look like it’s going away. The other issues like the economy, the war in Afghanistan, gas prices and oddly his national security policies all don’t ignite the fire like the thought of your spouse being able to receive birth control. Even though Obama has expanded the involvement of religious organizations in the federal government and increased their funding during a shaky economy those same groups are accusing him of trying to impose his own beliefs.

Rick Santorum, who opposes any invasion into his religious beliefs, made it seem that if elected President he would do his best to force his beliefs on all 300 million Americans. He declared that the main problems that this country faces include things like teen pregnancy and marriage out of wedlock. No mention of obesity though. Mitt Romney who is a devout Mormon has done his best to avoid scrutiny on his religious beliefs but if anyone was going to make radical changes don’t you think it would be the guy who has a completely different religion than any other president in history? If anyone is waging a war on religion, or at least testing the waters for one, it is the Republican candidates who want to impose their views on you.


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