Aussie Model Turned International Drug Kingpin


Australian model Simone Farrow is best known for her days showing off clothing for Ed Hardy and lack of clothing with Penthouse however she’s earned a new title as of late; drug runner. The former Penthouse Pet, who has been on the run for 3 years, has been arrested and is accused of being the head of an international drug running ring that trafficked methamphetamines across the globe. Based out her West Hollywood apartment Farrow used 19 different aliases and FedEx to get the drugs to their destination. It usually isn’t a surprise when you hear rail thin models are using drugs such as cocaine and meth but it is highly unusual that a model is a drug lord.

Farrow was arrested on the Gold Coast of Australia last Wednesday and was extradited to Sydney where she had skipped bail more than a month ago on other drug charges. Those charges stemmed from a 2009 in Australia after authorities raided her Sunset Boulevard apartment. Documents were seized in the apartment which have no doubt led authorities to unveiling her scheme. She later posted $150,000 bail and fled, skipping a hearing set for last month and claimed that she was “hospitalized” in a letter to the court.

Farrow’s fake doctors note to the court didn’t hold up to scrutiny however and police in Australia tracked her down to a motel on the East coast of Oz. She told police that she wasn’t running from authorities but she was instead running because people wanted to kill her which could be true if she never sent out the drugs she was paid to deliver. Police say that she was the mastermind of a criminal enterprise that involved at least seven other individuals.

The 37 year old Farrow hasn’t worked for Ed Hardy since 2006 according to the company and  it appears that life on the run hasn’t done much for her appearance.


CBS News

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