Why Romney Scares The Shit Out Of Me


There is still a ways to go until the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida but one candidate is standing out from the crowd of “zombies” as Mother Jones put it. That candidate is super rich and isn’t a career politician, he’s a business man. A man who has fired thousands of people in his lifetime and is telling you that he is the man who will get you and your family a job. Mitt Romney was a name that most quickly forgot in 2008 largely because he was running during the worst financial crisis since the great depression and he smelled like Wall Street. However now that far right wing conservatism has swept the nation Mormon Mitt seems like the right guy to many of you.

Mitt Romney has proven to be the only candidate who hasn’t been knocked to the back burner for long. He’s fallen down a few times but millions of dollars seem to flow from his pores and prop him back up. He’s currently trying to slay the super Christian Rick Santorum which is proving difficult but when you’re outspending your opponent by an average of 3:1 you usually come out ahead. Now to be fair he isn’t the only one who will be tossing money around like it is candy at a parade because President Obama has a war chest that would fund a small war but that doesn’t matter until someone snags a majority of delegates. What worries me about Mitt Romney is that he’s preaching conservative economic, and social, ideas while at the same time throwing large sums of money at every problem. Will he do the same as Commander in Chief of the largest economy in the entire world?

Oddly enough economic issues haven’t really rallied the troops as much as they did in 2008 and as a result we’ve seen a pretty large focus on social issues like abortion and gay marriage. For most elections social issues are just filler information because most people are more concerned with where their tax dollars are going. This election season is interesting because Obama has declared a fictional war on religion and everyone wants to lob off the head of the anti-Christ (Obama). While Mitt Romney keeps his lead social issues are likely going to be pushed forward because of Mitt’s religion. You see, Mitt is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and in his younger days he wasn’t allowed to date. If Mitt Romney were elected President he’d be the first Mormon president and the first President in the 21st century to be anything other than a Christian.

I find it hard to believe that a Brigham Young University and Harvard grad hasn’t had so much as a drop of alcohol but I’ll take his word for it until Newt Gingrich shows us why he was brought up on ethics charges and airs Mitt’s dirty laundry. Petty religious issues aside we really haven’t heard from Mitt how he’d use his religion to influence American domestic and foreign policy. Every President seems to try and push their philosophies on the American people and this flock of candidates seems dead set on doing more than that. It sounds like it will be a full frontal assault on what we know as America today. While Rick Santorum has outlined the issues that are destroying the American people (gays, the Mexicans, premarital sex, babies out of wedlock and those on Welfare), Mitt Romney has largely kept quite except for that spat about the poor. He has spoken out against gay marriage but that is GOP SOP. I fear that Romney is waiting to seal the nomination before outlining his radical plans for the nation.

It’s hard to think of Romney, or any of the candidates, as a man who understands the needs of the nation. Romney has spent his entire life wearing glass swarovski slippers. His father was one of the most popular governors in the state of Michigan and after a short time in public school he attended a swanky private school, Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, and from there on out Mitt was turned into the Mitt we know today. You know the Mitt that hates the poor and has a wife who drives “a few Cadillacs” and isn’t liked by most of America. This is the man running for highest office and we have to beg to get him to release his tax returns after he told us that his speaking fees didn’t add to to “very much”. That amount turned out to be more than most Americans make in years; $374,000. I can understand why he is upset about gas prices, he owns multiple cars and so does his wife, but unlike most Americans he can afford to top them off daily. Oh by the way Mitt Romney and his wife have an estimated worth of $250 million. Most of you only dream of that amount when you’re using a penny to scratch off a lotto ticket.

Just imagine him in the White House with your money in his hands.

Romney’s tenure as Governor of Massachusetts is the only place to get an idea of what’s to come if he’s President unless you want me to get into how “he saved the Olympics”. Romeny avoided policy specifics but said that he intended to bring about a “lighter, more agile bureaucracy”. Sound familiar? He also set out to be the “CEO Governor” and while I’m not 100% on what that means I assume it had to do with the tax credits and capital gains he presided over. While he did turn his states budget around he did so not by raising taxes but increasing fees on the common man and woman. Romney, in concert with the legislature, created new fees, doubled fees for court filings, professional regulations, marriage licenses, and firearm licenses, and increased fees for many state licenses and services. In all 33 new fees were created, and 57 fees were increased, some that had not been adjusted in over a decade. Romney’s state was also ranked 47 out of 50 in job creation yet he claims to have the experience to turn this nation around. On the issue of gay marriage Romney said ”Call me old fashioned, but I don’t support gay marriage nor do I support civil union”. He fought gay marriage tirelessly until it was brought into law on Massachusetts, May 17, 2004. Even then he couldn’t stop and revived a piece of Jim Crow law that banned people from out of state from getting married in Massachusetts if the marriage would be void in their home state. To make it easy on you he just hates gays.

Now onto an issue that drives many Americans into a rage if they think their right to buy one is threatened; guns and gun control. On July 1, 2004 Romney signed a permanent ban on assault weapons which include popular rifles such as the AR-15, AK-47 (semi-automatic version) and essentially anything with more than a 10 round magazine. The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the United States and has a wide variety of uses including home defense but Romney disagrees. ”Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts. These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” So along with increased gun licensing fees he also banned some of the most popular weapons in the land. He deflected criticism by saying that it was just an extension of a 1998 measure that was meant to be temporary. Will he outlaw your guns too?

The point of this entire article isn’t to hate on Romney it is to highlight the man that I believe is doing his best to tone down his rhetoric until he clinches the nomination. This is one of the many reasons I feel he hasn’t dropped off the grid. He’s kept quite while the others increase their rhetoric and attacks. I don’t think he is the right man for the job but I strongly believe he will be the Republican’s choice to take on Obama. I think the man is a con, a liar, a cheat and an elitist posing as a common man. Romney scares the shit out of me because I think it is possible that the man could become President of the United States and seriously destroy this nation. I see Romney as the guy who in order to sell his car puts it in reverse to take the miles off. I feel the writing is on the wall and that if you just read into Romney you’ll see that he isn’t the man he says he is nor is he the man for President.


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Author: James

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  • Baxta

    Before I read this I thought Mitt was a bit of a wally, but now I learn he hates gays and wants to get rid of guns in America.

  • Heather

    He believes that he will become a god as all Mormons believe. That is scary enough for me. Mormons deceived me into their religion and once I found out just how creepy and deceitful they are I left the church. I will never believe that I can be equal to God and run my own planet like Mitt believes. I will never believe that God had physical sex with Mary like Mitt believes. Someone needs to talk about this.

    • admin

      Woah a former Mormon who is against Mitt Romney? You might want to go into hiding before he sends henchmen after you. In all seriousness thank you for your comment. It is refreshing to know that not all of those who have been touched by the Mormon church are falling in line to vote for Romney. The picture you paint of the Mormon church is rather scary. Mitt and his religion in combination with his huge cash piles must make him feel very godly which would make him a disastrous president. I'm surprised that no one is really talking about his religion considering how devout he is. I hope that the spotlight shines a little brighter on that part of his life as the campaign drags on.

      Thanks again for the comment. Stop back anytime.

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  • Mary

    Romney doesn't scare me as much as Rick Santorum. The shit that comes out of that man's mouth is unbelievable – they want to take America back to the dark ages with their lack of fiscal know-how and appalling social agendas to put women and minority groups at a disadvantage while bringing down the living standards of the middle class. How did they even got to be nominated is beyond me. People must enjoy contributing to their own demise or don't want to look beyond bipartisan politics and name calling.

    • admin

      Rick Santorum is one scary dude but he doesn't have a chance in winning the nomination as far as I can see. If he somehow manages to pull it off I'll be surprised but quickly have a post up for why he's the most terrifying individual in American politics lol. Most American voters just go off of what the candidates say and are swung by potential scandals. They don't really dig into the issues as much as European countries.

      Long time no see! Thanks for commenting.