America Should Abandon All Aid For North Korea


Who cuts this guys hair? I assume he was shot afterwards.

America should no longer be providing any form of aid to the people of North Korea. North Korea continually panders to the United States and other nations for both humanitarian aid and attention. The sad thing is it actually works. Recently they stole the limelight of an international nuclear conference with their missile test announcements and when that embarrassment wasn’t enough they are pushing forth with illegal nuclear tests. North Korea is a hostile nation with an untested leader and a brainwashed populous. Humanitarian aid has its place in the world but North Korea constantly goes back to its old ways after receiving the aid and that aid isn’t properly administered to the people anyway because those living in the capital, Pyongyang, get more rations than the rest. North Korea is already the most isolated nation on Earth but they use that humanitarian aid as leverage and it’s time to pull the rug out from underneath them.

North Korea is never going to change short of war or revolt. The people are brainwashed from birth to support the leader and those around the leader and they honestly think they have it better than anyone in the entire world. Many experts predicted that with the death of Kim Jong-il there was a strong possibility of revolt several months in to Kim Jong-un’s rule but it hasn’t happened and it won’t. I don’t understand why we feel it is our policy to send millions of dollars in aid to a country who threatens both the people of the United States and the people of South Korea. China will support North Korea no matter what they do so why should we be made to look like fools on the international stage by offering the North aid only for them to accept it and then go back on their word or to completely blow us off and go forth with missile tests?

In reality we spend a tiny amount on foreign aid and even less on North Korea but that isn’t the point. We’ve shown time and time again that we are there for the North Korean people however the people of North Korea don’t know we are there for them. The food aid and other humanitarian goodies aren’t distributed with the American flag on them and even if they were the propaganda machine would likely tell them its poisoned. Humanitarian aid is very much apart of U.S foreign policy as it is a way to show the people of the world that when they’re in need we will be there but on some countries it is a lost cause and a huge waste of money. What is gained by offering or giving food aid to the North? A week long reprieve of threats in exchange for millions worth of stuff? Any investor would tell you that is a terrible investment.

I know this doesn’t sound very enticing because it can be construed as punishing the people but it truly isn’t worth it nor is it worth the embarrassment that is caused by us giving them something only for them to disregard their obligations. Out of all the military conflicts, wars and “police actions” we fought over Communism this is the one we should have won because now all North Korea is, is a giant pimple begging to be popped. If this new nuclear test fails as bad as their last rocket attempt let’s just hope the fat Kim Jong-un is nearby.

From now on I will be referring to Kim Jong-un as Chubs or damn that’s a messed up haircut!

Author: James

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  • poppy

    Great post, and I agree! We can't save the world, and we're not the world police. Geezz, now I have an urge to watch Team America. " I rony, oh so rony " lol

    • The Author

      We need to tell the politicians that we can no longer afford to be the world police. Thank you for your comment.