This is probably the most realistic YouTube video that I have seen regarding unidentified flying objects or UFOs and it has the most views with over 2 million. I personally believe in alien life forms because to me it seems logical that if we can evolve as well as animals and plant life then why can’t other things on other planets do the same? I know there are those of you out there who disagree with me and think that it’s all crap but then again this post isn’t intended for you because anything short of an alien invasion or an anal probe from the likes of Roger from American Dad won’t throw you off your belief.

Real or Fake?

Author: James

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  • poppy

    That's just the delivery of my fancy turn of the century cast iron bath tub. I requested a military escort from pottery barn. I saved on shipping :)

    • admin

      I was wondering when us lowly civilians would get airdrops!