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For a period of time Flipboard was my most used app and recently it reclaimed that spot. When I first got my iPad I was obsessed with Flipboard and how awesome the layout was but for some reason the app got slower and the content seemed to be redundant. I do tire of apps pretty quickly but I honestly think Flipboard was struggling there for a bit. When I moved on from my iPhone I honestly never even looked for Flipboard on my Android but when I saw that Flipboard was coming to Android I was oddly excited. Thankfully things are different now. The content is plentiful and it just looks awesome on my phone. It feels like I’m actually reading a magazine which is odd because magazines would never look this good if they were only 4.3 inches.

I use a variety of news apps on both the iPad and my Thunderbolt that are very good at providing me with the latest news, RSS feeds, and social pages but none are able to make me enjoy reading as much as this app does. There is something very stylish about flipping pages that are set up like a magazine yet you’re on a touch screen device. The text is just the right size, the images are incorporated perfectly and you have a multitude of options to share/save the post. My favorite feature is the ability to read entire posts (depending on the website) in the app; magazine style. It makes your favorite websites far more fun to read.

If you use Google Reader or another RSS service you can enjoy your favorite feeds, including My Bloggity Blog, through the app. It reminds me of the Opera browser start page where you have all of your favorite sites in little squares for easy access. I pair this app with my morning coffee and have a read of all of my favorite sites without having to open multiple tabs or apps. The most recent version is a drastic improvement over previous iterations.

If you’re looking for Flipboard in the Google Play store then you’re going to be slightly disappointed but only for a minute. Flipboard is launching on Android only on the Samsung Galaxy S III for the time being which seriously disappointed quite a few people. Some of those unhappy people also happened to be app developers and they uploaded the .apk to XDA which is where I got the app. It should launch for all Android devices in a few weeks.

Some Other Key Features

  • The abilty to select 8 different editions including Chinese, Australian and French.
  • Search for anything
  • Post comments directly from the app
  • Deep Twitter and Facebook integration
  • If full content is restricted to the site it loads the site in the bottom half of the article with a lengthy preview up top
  • Images are clear and load fast
  • Hundreds of news, blog and web sources
  • Cover stories pull stories from all of your sources
  • Create a profile to sync your sources across all your devices

The Negative

  • The app crashes on the original iPad if the web version of post content is long or full of graphics
  • That really is the only complaint I have


Flipboard is perfect for those who want a great news app with a beautiful and functional layout. It’s easy to use, read and interact with which is why it is once again my favorite way to read the news. If you’re a fan of newspapers you might be willing to trade those in for this stylish app. Whether you’re reading on your iPad, iPhone or Android device you will not be dissatisfied with this app. It is one of the best applications I have ever used and I highly recommend that you try it out.


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