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Authorities have stopped actively combing local mountains and hillsides for an FBI agent who went missing from his Burbank home nearly two weeks ago, instead basing their search on tips from the public, a police official said Wednesday.

The decision came after a search carried out Saturday by teams from the Ventura and Los Angeles County sheriff’s departments turned up empty, Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn said.


Something doesn’t smell right with this one. Over the past 5 days that FBI Special Agent Stephen Ivens disappeared without a trace I’ve found the statements about his well being and the rather intensive manhunt to be suspicious. It is completely possible that what is going on in Los Angeles is completely normal but the way that they have portrayed this national security expert makes me wonder if they’re trying to discredit anything he says if he stumbles upon someone. Did he see something that troubled him? This agent is armed, suicidal, despondent, distraught and an avid hiker according to FBI statements but what I’d like to know is why he is now “suicidal” and why didn’t the FBI notice sooner?

Investigators, volunteers working for local police and about 50 FBI agents had searched the rugged Verdugo Mountains yesterday after bloodhounds tracked his scent in the area, according to authorities. He was last seen at his home in Burbank, California according to his family. His FBI issue handgun was not at his residence so authorities believe him to be armed however they state that he is not a danger to society. They do claim that he is a danger to himself however. Saturday’s search for him involved even more agents, over 100,  and was the largest manhunt in 20 years according to the Burbank police department. All of this for one man?

The law enforcement community is a tight knit group so on some level I understand the desire to find one of your own who may be having some trouble but what strikes me as off is they have no trouble at all telling the public that he’s suicidal, they only have trouble telling you why he wants to kill himself. Currently no one will give a reason for why this long time police officer and agent with a 1 year old baby is so troubled that he took off with his pistol. Even though the police and his FBI colleagues say he is not a threat to the public they have advised citizens to stay away from the hills where they believe he is headed. Why is it the only people they want looking for this man are people who carry firearms?

The FBI is also investigating whether his national security work played any part in his disappearance.

To me it seems like this man is on the run and the FBI doesn’t want to admit they have a breach in security or something of that nature. The reasons for stating he is suicidal have been inconsistent with most reports stating he is believed to be suicidal because he took his issued firearm with him. Don’t most agents always carry firearms? Also why all of the secrecy about why he is allegedly suicidal and despondent? Most people don’t just wake up in the morning and decide that today is they day they will go to the hills and blow their brains out especially someone who has been in law enforcement as long as agent Ivens has.

My theory goes something like this. Agent Ivens was working on preserving our national security when he stumbled upon something, something that he shouldn’t have seen, and he became troubled over what to do with that information. The FBI got wind of his discovery and Ivens became aware of their investigation. Knowing that he has a 1 year old child at home he chose to leave his family and head for the hills instead of putting them at risk of any potential fallout. It sounds far fetched I know but if you actually closely examine the statements from those conducting the manhunt it is all very sketchy. I have also been reading a ton of espionage, thriller and spy books recently so my mind tends to read between the lines and see plots and conspiracies.

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