Apple Stole More Apps from Developers for iOS 6


Turns out some of the new iOS 6 features just happen to be very popular apps for both Android and iOS powered devices. And much like the iCloud app Apple simply helped themselves to a developer’s hard work and hope we won’t notice.

Contact Integration

We have the Android app Rapportive which essentially operates as a Google plug-in on the left and the new Apple contact integration feature on the right. Notice how similar the two pop-ups actually are.

Android Rapportive plug-in app for Google Gmail.

Apple's new Contact Integration still doesn't offer all the features of the free Rapportive app. Though it's hard to see clearly in these screenshots Apple's version uses the same categorizing methods and text as the app they stole it from.


Notification Center

The addition of the notification center in iOS 5 (I know this article is supposed to focus on iOS 6 but this example is too good to give up) was one of the most obvious cases of app theft. On the left you have the Notification Center of Android which is also used as a popular app in jailbroken iPhones and on the left you have the Apple version. Do you see what I see?

Android is on the left. Apple is on the right.


Do Not Disturb or Do Not Call

If you put your phone into Do Not Disturb Mode all incoming calls, chat requests and texts will be blocked. Of course if you have someone trying to reach you desperately due to an emergency the mode will eventually let that message or call through as it’s probably urgent. Pretty slick feature and it should be since Google Voice has had this feature built-in for two years and of course there’s the very popular $2.99 app, Quiet. This app for Mac OS X  silences IMs, applications and even puts Skype into “do not disturb” mode. It also streamlines your screen down to one window so you can focus on the task at hand.


Passbook Loyalty Program

Apple describes Passbook as “the simplest way to get all your passes in one place.” It stores anything with a barcode like tickets, store rewards cards or gift cards to Starbucks. Course Passbook is really the combination of two really slick apps that Android and iOS users have been using for a couple years already. Pay with Square (formally Square Card Case) and CardStar, the pioneer of the entire concept. Comparing Apple’s Passbook to CardStar and you quickly see the similarity.

CardStar app.

Square Card Case app.

Apple's Passbook.


Offline Reading List

Safari Offline Reading List allows you to bookmark anything and read it later even without an Internet connection and syncs across many devices. Of course this is almost exactly like the top bookmarking app Instapaper.

Top rated bookmarking app Instapaper

Apple's Offline Reader.

Steve Jobs said, “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” And it’s clear that Apple is still following his lead.

Author: James

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  • Cora

    I appreciate the app info. This will be referenced when I realize it's 2012 and buy a mobile device, so in 2013I'll be back.

    If only that Steve Jobs' quote were on his tombstone.

    • James

      Steve doesn't have a tombstone. It's an iPad with an Instagram shot of a tombstone.

      • Cora

        I laughed louder at that then ALL of my own jokes today. THANKS.

  • Bill

    Not really surprising is it? Good post.

    • James

      It certainly isn't and that is what makes it disgusting. They don't even try to hide it anymore.