The Many Stolen Features of Apple’s iOS 6


Hardley the most advanced mobile OS as Android has had most of these for years.

With Apple’s iOS 6 debut the company is touting its many new features and anticipated enhancements but in true Apple form most of these new features are in reality stolen preexisting features of their two top rivals – Microsoft and Android. In fact a few of these features do nothing but finally bring Apple up to date with Android with things such as notifications, OTA updates, tabbed browsing, social inclusion and an IM client. Now Apple has stated that the latest version of the popular mobile platform contains over 200 new features or enhancements but they only mentioned a small handful including the ones below.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Facebook Integration – Apple’s a good two years behind Microsoft on this one. Windows Mobile has enjoyed full Facebook integration for some time and they even fully support Facebook IM which iOS 6 does not.
  • Apple updated Siri with a “new” feature that allows the user to ask Siri to open a particular folder or app. Windows Mobile must be quite surprised at this newly released technological breakthrough considering that both Windows Mobile and Google’s Android has boasted this feature for some time now.
  • Among Apple’s top ten new features is the new VIP Mail list that ensures you never miss an important message, text or call from anyone you place on your VIP list. Strangely enough Windows Mobile has offered this for over a year and even back then they gave you far more control and many more options including pinning groups of people as a Live Tile in any capacity keeping your life and alerts streamlined. Of course this is extremely similar to Gmail’s priority inbox which not only learns with each use but is also automatically setup unlike Apple’s VIP feature.
  • Apple’s FaceTime in iOS 6 now supports video calls over cellular. Any Android or Windows Mobile user can tell you that both platforms have been using Skype for exactly this well before iOS 6. In fact you could do this on your Android phone since Gingerbread using Google Talk.
  • Easy Photo Embedding – Apple has finally added this feature which all Android users have enjoyed since the very first release of Android many years ago. A little behind the times but they finally got there!

Now I do need to point out a major change in the usual rhetoric of Apple’s announcement. With Steve Jobs no longer taking the stage the new more media-savvy reps at Apple were very careful not to make the same mistakes Jobs made each time he was on stage and all the attention was on him. Words such as “revolutionary”, “breakthrough” and “original” were carefully avoided thus saving the company from the normal backlash that each of Jobs announcements have brought as the techie community ripped apart his bold statements point by point.

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